Rent-a-Senior Raises Close to $3,000

The student government hosted the third-annual Rent-a-Senior where students could bid on seniors to have them for the day.

Senior Spencer Liu helps carry junior Marvin Jiang.

Natalie Suh

Senior Spencer Liu helps carry junior Marvin Jiang.

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On Nov. 10, students had the opportunity to rent seniors for the day and make the seniors do whatever the renters wanted. Student government led the event, which started with three days of bidding and provided participants with a bagel breakfast and pizza lunch on Friday. At times it was a struggle to get businesses to donate food.

“We would call places and they would give us no response or tell us to call back later,” junior Alexis Morse said.

Morse was an event chair along with junior Caitlin Smith and sophomore Molly Myers.

“[We] oversee everything that happened with [the event]: ordering food, advertisement, handling money, decorations and other extra stuff,” Morse said.

Event planning started right after Homecoming, making some feel rushed.

“The biggest hardship has probably been how fast the event has come up,” Myers said.

Before the event, a lot of time was spent making sure the event ran smoothly.

“Hours have been spent before and after school creating the posters in the cafeteria and solving all the logistical problems of the event,” Myers said.

When the bidding process began, Morse was working the table at lunch and saw how seriously some were taking it.

“These two kids kept bidding higher and higher for this one senior, and they kept arguing and slamming more money down,” Morse said. “I think one of the kid’s final bid was $30.”

$30 was not the highest price though: some, such as senior Daniel Vijayasagar, went for upwards of $50.

On Friday, all grade levels participated in Rent-a-Senior, including freshmen and sophomores who got to know their seniors through extracurricular activities.

“It was really fun,” freshman Akshaya Suvarna said. “I got really close with [senior Shriya Singh] from color guard, and I wanted to make her do stuff.”

Suvarna made Singh pull her around on a skateboard from class to class.

“She was going to carry me around, but I had my backpack and her backpack, so she wanted to roll me around,” Suvarna said. “[At first] she agreed with it and didn’t think it was going to be that bad, but now she’s really tired.”

Other underclassmen made their seniors do louder things.

“Every time I walk in or exit a class, [senior Quinn Favret] pulled out a red carpet, started playing “Hot Cross Buns” on the recorder and announced that I was leaving or entering,” sophomore Ellie Bossenberger said.

This wasn’t the only thing Bossenberger made Favret do, though.

“There are pictures on his backpack and my backpack of him from sixth grade with long hair, and people kept coming up to it and slapping it and start laughing,” Bossenberger said.

Junior Marvin Jiang also had a unique request for his seniors Spencer Liu and Charlie Peng.

“We had to carry him around on a homemade stretcher made of two long blocks of wood and a rug sewed around it,” Liu said. “We carry him from class to class on our shoulders.”

Though the stretcher may have looked complex, it did not take long for Jiang to construct it.

“I built it late one night, and I was really rushed,” Jiang said. “It took me an hour.”

The event raised a total of $2,939.57. StuGo has not yet announced which charity the money will benefit.

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