Online vs. In-School Learning

The benefits of online learning

Lola Pinneo, Source editor

Personally, at this time I think that the best way for us to learn is virtual. One of the many reasons I say this is because I have an autoimmune disease (Type one diabetes), which makes my risk of getting the COVID-19 virus higher because of my weakened immune system.  

Another reason I say that virtual learning is the best option is because the entire time the COVID-19 virus has been in the United States, it’s been drilled into us to stay out of large gatherings and social distance from others. 

In my opinion going back to school is really going against the guidelines that we’ve placed to keep ourselves safe and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Everyone that choses online school has different reasoning for this.

In an interview with USN & world report, Kathy Sievering, a recently retired school district worker, agreed with my opinion on the safety of children with health risks. 

“If the child has a health condition that increases the risk of COVID, remote learning reduces the possibility of COVID-19 exposure,” Sievering said.

This is one of the many concerns that parents and students have.  Another concern is a student contracting the COVID-19 virus at school and bringing it home to an immunocompromised family member. 

In another aspect unrelated to health concerns, some people wonder if school will be the same upon returning. 

 The districts’ Return to Learn roadmap states that desks will be socially distanced and students will not be able to touch or interact with the same materials. All science labs will be performed individually, and playing wind instruments will certainly be affected.

According to data from Education Week  74% of the 100 biggest U.S. school districts are opting to go remote-only this fall. 

When it comes to Troy High School it looks as if a majority could agree with me, with 38% percent of Troy High students choosing in school and 62% choosing online.

Even though everyone can have a different circumstance for choosing in school or online, it comes down to how much of a risk it is for you and your loved ones to take.