Online vs. In-School Learning

The benefits of in-person learning

Madeline Hiser, Staff Reporter

In March of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, after many cases across the globe. As soon as the first few cases hit in Michigan schools began to shut down. Many students thought they would only be out for a few weeks. Those few weeks turned into a few months, and now having to start virtual learning. While some students liked the idea of online school, many find it rather challenging.

“I feel like I learn more in person than online, it’s just hard to pay attention and learn online,” said sophomore Emily VanHorne. She seemed very set on her opinion of liking in person learning more than online learning. 

Personally I prefer in-person learning for multiple reasons. At home, it’s harder to find the motivation to do and complete work, and the virtual learning environment can be distracting compared to an in school environment. At home you are surrounded by your stuff, and objects that could possibly be distracting.

In an article posted by EdSource, Student Perspectives: the pros and cons of distance learning, about the perspectives of students with online and in-school learning, 13 of the 16 students interviewed said they prefer in-school learning.  One additional reason was  the fact that it is harder to ask questions and get one on one help from your teacher. Sometimes teachers can’t get back to you in time, or answer your question how you need it to be answered.

Students are also not getting some of the social skills that are helpful in life, and it’s hard to continuously pay attention to a screen and learn the content of your class. Some students have issues focusing in general, so trying to focus in class with the distractions of being home makes it even harder to try and pay attention.

Even though many schools are not going back at full capacity, like Troy high, being back in school will be good for students’ social life, and their grades if they are struggling. As more students go back to hybrid learning, it will be interesting to see how the student opinions of online school and in person school change.