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Skipping Around

Skipping Around

Michelle Baik, Staff Reporter December 14, 2022
A look into what students and faculty at Troy High School think about skipping a class for a test.
Free Flow

Free Flow

Keira Mertz, Staff Reporter December 14, 2022
The debate on free access to menstrual products in the Troy School District.
Graphic Illustration of an open book representing the merge of the honors and standard classes

English: Rewritten

Grace Haugk, Staff Reporter December 14, 2022
Honors English classes are being removed at Troy High School. Here’s why and how people feel about it.
A maximalist style outfit contrasted with a minimalist style outfit.

Doing Too Much

Ainsley Giorio, Public Relations Editor December 14, 2022
The shift from minimalism to maximalism.
Photograph of a students notes for Chinese class written on a spiral notebook.

Losing Time: The Untold Plight of Language-Learning Students at Troy High School and Troy Athens High School

Sally Kim, Staff Reporter December 14, 2022
Students are bussed over between schools because individual schools do not provide all the language classes.
Musks Twitter Takeover

Musk’s Twitter Takeover

Megan Sims, Staff Reporter December 1, 2022

Billionaire Elon Musk has owned Twitter for over six weeks. This comes after a tumultuous year of backing out on his original offer to purchase Twitter, a lawsuit by Twitter to force Musk to honor the...

Today is the Day

Today is the Day

Abby Werenka, Staff Reporter November 29, 2022

“Today is the day.” A quote posted almost daily on Facebook by Becky Merchand Patty, the grandmother of Liberty “Libby” German, whose life was tragically taken alongside her best friend Abigail...



Alex Kostreba, Staff Reporter November 8, 2022

Quizlet, the online studying website that is known worldwide for being one of the best free and accessible tools for all students, has now as of spring of 2022 started charging consumers money for “Quizlet...

You Really Thought You Ate

You Really Thought You Ate

October Marquez, Staff Reporter November 8, 2022
The changes school lunches have gone through after the Universal Free Meal program.
The Scars of Online Learning

The Scars of Online Learning

Sally Kim, Staff Reporter November 2, 2022
Online learning from two years ago is having a ripple effect on students today.
The Impact of Ian

The Impact of Ian

Matthew Grabowski, Staff Reporter November 2, 2022
How Hurricane Ian has affected Florida and its people.
Pressure to be Perfect

Pressure to be Perfect

Mehereen Kaur, Staff Reporter November 2, 2022

Troy High School has one major problem, and it’s perfectionism. Many students are stressed, sleep deprived and depressed over getting into the right college and, in some cases, making their parents happy....

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