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Let’s Talk About Stress, Baby

Gabrielle Francois, Co-Editor-In-Chief | March 14, 2019

School has been in session for two months now and for some it can bring excitement and nerves, but others are already drowning in homework, extracurriculars and stress. Stress and anxiety presents itself in students for numerous reasons and may vary depending on the person. Pressures such as getting into college or high academic expectations are only some of the factors that play a role in a student’s...

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Buzz Kill: The Truth About Underage Drinking

Annie Smuts and Olivia Perron | March 12, 2019

The first time senior Amelia Stewart, whose name has been changed, drank alcohol, she was in her friend’s basement. “One of the girls [I was with] knew someone from another school [and they gave us the alcohol],” she recalls. Stewart says she enjoyed the experience and now drinks about once a month with her friends. “[It creates] a fun atmosphere,” Stewart said. “It’s something...

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