The Debate on Chocolates vs candy sweets on Halloween unfolds. (Olivia Perron)
The Debate on Chocolates vs candy sweets on Halloween unfolds.

Olivia Perron

Candy vs. Chocolate

Staff writers Manny Al-Nsour and Lola Pinneo discuss the superiority of candy or chocolate as the best of Halloween snacks

November 5, 2019


My one true treat love: chocolate. Arguably the best sweet around.

I do not only adore this confection because of its good looks and taste. Rather, some of my favorite memories are sitting on the ground in my living room after a fun but exhausting night of trick-or-treating. I would pour out my candy on the ground and sort them into neatly stacked piles, picking out the iconic American chocolate bars each person in my family loves.
I would then deliver the candy to each person in my family like a little present. Mom likes Mounds, Dad likes York Peppermint Patties, my brother DJ likes Snickers, my sister Alexa likes Twix and well, I like any kind of chocolate.

I felt such joy and excitement in my little self, being able to share something that I loved with the people I love. That’s one of the best feelings.

Imagine sitting down and eating a smooth, rich, yummy, flavorful piece of chocolate, then eating a hard, crunchy, sugar-coated piece of candy. I know which one I would rather have.

Chocolate is such a versatile sweet. You can get it in so many varieties and different combinations of flavors: peanut butter, mint and caramel. These are just a few of the many combinations that make this treat one of the best around.

Imagine all your favorite foods without chocolate. What would you do? A s’more without a Hershey bar, strawberries not dipped in chocolate, a cake without chocolate frosting wouldn’t be complete without chocolate.

Imagine all these amazing wonderful foods without the very best sweet on it. It would not be the same. Without chocolate, you would just have a strawberry, a graham cracker with marshmallow and a piece of cake with no flavor.

That’s not the same, nor as good. You need chocolate to make these treats wonderful.

In my opinion, chocolate will always be the best sweet you could possibly get.


Candy is the superior fall sweet. When you think of Halloween and trick-or-treating, the first thing that usually comes to mind is candy. Sour Patch Kids, Airheads, Lifesavers, gummy worms and pretty much all things sugar. While chocolate is still delicious, it always comes as an afterthought, the stuff at the bottom of the bowl left there until Christmas.

Candy can be used for a multitude of different occasions, especially when it comes to decorating. They are the finishing touch that pulls together any holiday dessert. As a kid, I never celebrated Christmas, so my brother and I always opted to go all out on Halloween. We always bought Halloween-themed gingerbread houses, and the best part of every year was getting to choose what candies we wanted to use to decorate our houses with.

Not only is candy the more fun and tasty sweet, but it also metabolizes faster. In an article titled “How Can Sweets Give You Energy?” by San Francisco Gate, chocolate has a higher fat content than most candies, which makes it take longer to break down.

“The ingredient that makes sweets so enjoyable — sugar — is a carbohydrate your body prefers to use for fuel,” the article said.

With candy, you get a quick boost of energy from the fast breakdown of the sugars. With chocolate, you get a slower breakdown over time because of the added fats.

Candy is also more versatile. The diversity in the colors, shapes and sizes in candies make them more exciting than a boring, brown chocolate bars. In every chocolate bar, the taste is almost the same. Sure, you can throw in some caramel, or add various nuts, but that’s really the only variable that would change it.

Candy is so much more fun because of the variety in flavors. While artificial flavorings like bubble gum, root beer and blue raspberry are pretty bad for you, they still add that final kick that pushes candy to be superior over chocolate.

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