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Grow with Yoga!

Urvi Patil, Staff Reporter | August 18, 2022

Many people have a different approach to yoga. For example, many consider it a way of managing stress. Others consider it a spiritual practice. No matter one's approach, yoga can improve many conditions with one’s well-being and there are many ways that it can benefit one’s mindset.  Chief data scientist Imed Bouchrika states that 75 percent of U.S high school students feel stress during school....

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The Pride Month You Never Heard Of

Anjali Sanil, Print Editor | August 3, 2022

While most people have heard of Black History Month and LGBTQ+ Pride Month, an appreciation month that many are not familiar with is Disability Pride Month, which takes place in July. This month is a time to celebrate diversity and show pride. As the 32nd annual celebration is coming to an end, here is a quick recap of the history of Disability Pride Month and ways to support the disabled community...

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Exciting Treasure’s in Traverse City

Urvi Patil, Staff Reporter | July 23, 2022

Everyone should be able to experience camping once in their lifetime. Regardless of any season, it is a fun activity to do and it is an amazing experience with many people. Imagine waking up to a beautiful sunrise while taking a short walk on the beach and looking forward to a day full of excitement. Then later, everyone is sitting around a warm campfire while roasting marshmallows late at night. With...

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Madam President

Ainsley Giorio, Staff Reporter | June 2, 2022

Four years of high school, four years meant to prepare you for your future. High school is a time full of self discovery where many begin to realize what’s important to them: finding out what they want to do with their lives, their passions, and developing skills that will help them forever.  Sarayu Bethamcherla is an incredible example of someone who has proactively built herself up through...

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Best Friends Separated

Nidhi Kuchulakanti and Urvi Patil, Body Copy Editor and Staff Reporter | June 2, 2022

As the year starts coming to an end for the class of 2022, many close friends are going in separate paths. According to the survey sent out to the Troy High seniors, 65% of seniors will be separated from their best friend next year, 22% will not be, and 13% are unsure.  For the friends that will be separated from each other next year, a lot of them expressed the fact that they are not too worried...

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Ashley Park, Body Copy Editor | December 15, 2021

Tick. You’re surrounded by friends and family. Tock. They stare at you eagerly, waiting for the candles to be blown. Tick. You smile and turn to face your birthday cake. Tock. In what seems like slow-motion, everyone around you starts cheering. You had blown the candles out. You are now officially 18-years-old. But what lies ahead of you is more responsibilities and problems to deal with. Reaching...

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Loving a Lie

Ashley Park and Raneen AlRammahi | October 25, 2021

Many may have heard of the infamous story of Gabby Petito. A sweet 22-year old woman who is assumed to be murdered by her “loving” fiancé. While on a road trip with her partner, Brian Laundrie, Petito went missing and never arrived at their destination. Her fiancé has fled from law enforcement and is yet to be found. Their story sparks nationwide conversation about an important issue: domestic...

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A Spark For Music

Raneen AlRammahi, staff reporter | May 23, 2021

Music, to the average person, can be beautiful and pleasant to listen to, but to many musicians, music is everything — it's their life, their struggles, their happiness. That is what music is to senior Angela Lee.    Lee is a graduating senior member of Troy High’s Orchestra and on her way to pursuing a musical career.    "I always had an interest in pursuing music as a...

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Follow The Leader

Avril Yu, Staff Reporter | May 21, 2021

“Leadership” is a word which is often both beloved and dreaded by many students. Beloved, because possession of this noun is something that can be applauded, and dreaded, because it seems to exist in almost every college essay prompt. As with any human trait, leadership holds no solid definition, and it’s of little use to try and give it one — like pinning butterflies to a corkboard. What is...

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“It was somewhat of a hail mary.”

Andy DeGrand, Print Editor-in-Chief | May 10, 2021

“We honestly did not expect any response back from him. We were hopeful for some kind of email back, but to have him send us a video and a signed copy of his poems was so nice,” senior Apoorva Mirji said. “It just goes to show how dedicated Mr. Blanco is to the art of poetry and the themes it presents.” The closer it gets to the last day of school, the more senioritis many seniors tend to...

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