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Dress Code (Red)

Dress Code (Red)

Michelle Baik, Staff Reporter October 27, 2022

On the Troy High School website, the philosophical basis of the dress code is stated as, “The dress of students shall contribute to the health and safety of the individual and shall not disrupt the orderly...

Three Cheers for Zawislak!

Three Cheers for Zawislak!

October Marquez and Megan Sims September 29, 2022

Brian Zawislak, Troy High School Assistant Principal, was recently named Assistant Principal of the Year. He is Michigan’s nominee for the National Association of Secondary School Principals Assistant...

The Death of a Queen

The Death of a Queen

Abby Werenka and Gia Micene September 29, 2022

On Sept. 8, 2022, Buckingham Palace announced that the oldest and longest-reigning British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, passed away peacefully at the age of 96 after a record-breaking 70 years on the throne....

Down the Drain

Down the Drain

Raneen AlRammahi and Keira Mertz September 29, 2022

2000 students vs. one set of bathrooms. Every day starts the dreadful routine of long lines and never-ending hallways. Constantly tardy and with grunts of disappointment, Troy High School students struggle...

Athens Phone Ban

Athens Phone Ban

Lilly Martin and Nidhi Kuchulakanti September 29, 2022

The usage of technological devices has become immensely high nowadays– many students are spending hours on end on their electronics, letting their phones consume their lives and distract them from their...

Graphic by Raneen AlRammahi

What in the World?

Emma Mertz, Editor in Cheif August 28, 2022

Since 2016, scientists have recorded a noticeable increase in the rotation speed of the Earth. The normal length of one day on Earth is 86,400 seconds, or 24 hours. However, due to the increased rotation...

Photo credit to As/Is on Google

Spiral in Standards

Nidhi Kuchulakanti, Body Copy Editor August 19, 2022

The initial outbreak of COVID-19 had many effects on society’s beauty standards, and they continue to linger to this day. Throughout the past couple of years—initially beginning during quarantine—the...

Monkeypox Infographic

Monkeypox Infographic

Raneen AlRammahi, Graphics Editor July 31, 2022

Raneen AlRammahi

Hands Off Hawai’i!

Nidhi Kuchulakanti, Body Copy Editor July 18, 2022

Hawai'i is considered one of the most beautiful states in the United States. Filled with over 100 beaches, 15 central volcanoes, assortments of authentic foods, and lots of valuable culture- Hawai'i has...

What Is American Cheese If It’s Not American And Its Not Cheese?

What Is American Cheese If It’s Not American And It’s Not Cheese?

Ainsley Giorio, PR Editor July 2, 2022

American cheese is the go to for many Americans when making burgers, grilled cheese, and sandwiches. It's become a staple in American society with almost every fast food chain across the country carrying...

How Did Gas Prices Get So High?

How Did Gas Prices Get So High?

Matthew Grabowski, staff Reporter June 23, 2022

     It’s no secret that gas prices have been on a painful and expensive rise recently. It's hard to find a shortage of complaints online and in person about the wallet-draining cost per gallon of...

Photo courtesy of @thswaterwars22 on Instagram.

All is Fair in Love and Water

Ria Gupta, Staff Writer June 2, 2022

The first Instagram post signalling the start of Water Wars was posted on April 7, 2022 on @thswaterwars22. The actual fighting itself didn’t start until after school on Friday, May 6th. The first elimination...

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