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2017-2018 Staff

Abby Canny


Abby Canny, sophomore, is fifteen. Some of her favorite hobbies include hanging out with friends and family, playing soccer, traveling, singing, drawing and more. She is excited to start this year and to try something new. She...

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Madeline Trumbauer


Madeline Trumbauer, senior, is excited to begin her first year on staff. Aside from writing, she also enjoys running, biking, going to the beach and hanging out with her friends. She loves good movies and cute babies.

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Priya Bandstra


Priya Bandstra, senior, is in her second year working for the Chariot newspaper. Her hobbies include swimming, teaching and any kind of crafting.

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Daniel David


Daniel David, junior, is a staff writer and this is his first year on staff. He is part of games club and loves math. He enjoys food.

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Peyton Downing

Source Editor

Peyton Downing, senior, is in his first year on staff. He is also in marching band and Political Awareness Club. Peyton’s hobbies include fencing, video games and playing Magic: the Gathering. He plans on dual majoring in jo...

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Samantha Fisher


Samantha Fisher, sophomore, has played softball since she was seven. Her other hobbies include photography, music, traveling and spending time with friends and family. This is her first year on staff. She really loves writing...

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Olivia Perron


Olivia Perron, sophomore,  joined the staff this year. She is on the varsity cheer team and this is her eleventh year cheer-leading. She loves photography and nature.

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Jacob Sirhan

In-Depth Editor

Jacob Sirhan, senior, has natural stride length is five yards and can tongue-roll at a high C. As a member of Executive Board of Student Government, he single-handedly runs the entire school. He can often be found in Mrs. Park...

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Vivienne Francois


Vivienne Francois, freshman, is a new staffer. Vivienne is involved in cross country and student government. Vivienne loves to work with the special needs kids and interact with new people. Vivienne loves memes and her number...

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Megan Wallace


Megan Wallace, junior, loves to play lacrosse. This is is her second year on staff.

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Morgan MacDonald


Morgan MacDonald, junior, is on the lacrosse team and works at Beyond Juice. This is her second year on staff.

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Michael Thistlethwaite


Michael Thistlewaite, junior, plays baseball. This is his first year on staff.

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Jack Stromberg

Cartoonist, Staffer

Jack Stromberg, junior, is the cartoonist and staff writer. This is his second year on The Chariot staff. He is involved in football, wrestling and volunteers regularly at I Heart Dogs animal rescue....

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Cole Mertz


Cole Mertz, junior, is a first year staff writer. Avid hockey player on the Troy United JV team. The Incredible True Story is better than everybody. Interest in writing and photography.

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Kaitlyn Piggott

Sports Editor

Kaitlyn Piggott, sophomore, joined the staff last year. She is Sports Editor and is thrilled for the new experience. Outside of newspaper, Kaitlyn loves to write in her free time and enjoys playing travel AAU basketball for Littl...

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Tracy Cabej

Feature Editor

Tracy Cabej, junior, is in her second year on staff. She is so excited to have a position as Feature Editor this year. One of Tracy’s many passions is writing, and she has won three awards from MIPA. Tracy loves that her writing i...

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Kendyl Gatzemeyer


Kendyl Gatzemeyer, junior, is Entertainment Editor during her second year on staff. In addition, she is co-president of Troy High’s GSA club. A couple of her interests include metal/grunge, horror movies and watching Netflix....

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Patti Kubota

News Editor

Patti Kubota, junior, is involved with many activities in school including Dance Team, SADD and the Student to Student Club. Outside of school, she is a competitive dancer at Gotta Dance Studio. Her favorite subject is science,...

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Griffin Novetsky

Web Editor

Griffin Novetsky, senior, is the Web Editor in his first year on staff. Griffin is interested in technology and runs an opinion news website,, as a hobby. He plans on majoring in Computer Science at Oakland ...

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Gabrielle Francois

Opinion Editor

Gabrielle Francios, junior, is the Opinion and Social Media Editor, and has been on staff for two years. She is 16 years old and is a member of the Troy Colts Varsity Softball team. She enjoys reading, playing sports and spending tim...

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Lissa Andrews

Photo Editor

Lissa Andrews, junior, is on her second year on staff. She is the photography editor and has recently won an Award of Excellence for her photography portfolio. She is also a volunteer library helper for Mrs. Isaac....

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Sarah Funk

Business and Graphics Editor

Sarah Funk, senior, is a 17 year old who acts as business and graphics editor for the Chariot. Sarah is often mistaken for Pam Beesly from "The Office." She is addicted to shopping, loves to sew, has never been stung by a bee, ...

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Annie Smuts

Body Copy Editor

Annie Smuts, junior, is excited for her second year on staff. In her free time, Annie loves to cook, run, box and read. At the MIPA Summer Workshop, Annie won the Excellence in Column Writing award and also won two awards from...

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Natalie Suh

Design Editor

Natalie Suh, senior, was on staff last year as a section editor and is going on her second as the Design Editor. She loves her dog Bambi although many criticize her for being too small. She brings her with her everywhere, including...

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Liam Clancy


Liam Clancy, senior, is in his second year on staff. In addition to his work on the paper, he is a captain for drumline and an aspiring Indian dancer. Some of Liam's current life goals include founding a Spikeball club at Troy...

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Bianca Bucholtz


Bianca Bucholtz, senior, along with being Editor-In-Chief is also Vice-President of the Troy Theatre Ensemble and a member of the Acapella choir. She joined newspaper as a freshman and is a proud member of the founding staff of...

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