Old Trends are the New Style


Leah Graham

According to Forbes, record sales have grown 260 percent since 2009.

What is old is new- and that includes some good old fashion trends that were “hip” during our parents’ days. Now that is not to say we should bring back all trends, like denim on denim or flared jeans- please keep those in the 90s. But I have fully embraced the scrunchies, record players and chokers.
I think growing up in the sort of household I did has an effect on that. I grew up on The Beatles, Nirvana and every band in between. I would travel back in time in a second: the music and culture from the 60s all the way to the 90s has stolen my heart. Now as I wait for a time machine to be built so I can finally go to Woodstock or a Beatles concert, I am falling in love at the record shops.
There is something about vinyls that I cannot quite put into words, but just the feeling of laying in bed and putting my favorite record on or aimlessly wandering through the record shop only to buy a random one and totally fall in love with it is a wonderful experience. My parents have told me countless stories of when they were at parties and someone had just bought a new vinyl and they would all dance around the record player- that is something we should definitely bring back.
Not only the music has my heart, but the clothing as well. 1970s peasant tops and flowy pants to 1990s jean jackets and chokers are my favorite. I am pretty sure I could wear rings forever, even though I am constantly losing them. My dad keeps asking why I have so many, but I will constantly buy more.
The thrift shops are a perfect place to go and find retro throwbacks, such as old skirts or vests.I love pairing things from then and now together and dancing around my room in them, or putting my hair up high in a scrunchie and a pair of high top sneakers. There is so much fashion from past years that should never fade out.
I find it kind of funny that our generation’s fashion sense is a mixture of our own and our parents’, but I dig it.
I guess it is true when people say history tends to repeat itself, so let’s embrace these throwbacks.