Junior Creates Tutoring Club

Eesha Pattabhi establishes the Detroit Education Society Tutoring Club to help to underprivileged students with their studies in math and English classes.

Gabrielle Francois, Feature Story

With the goal of being a lawyer one day, junior Eesha Pattabhi aspires to help underpriviledged children and people in need.

“I want to be a lawyer so I can help others and have good communication skills,” Pattabhi said.

She said she enjoys encouraging others and volunteering to give her the leadership skills to start the Detroit Education Society Tutoring club. “These qualities are important to have in order to tutor children,” Pattabhi said.

The Detroit Education Society Tutoring Club aims to help underprivileged children in Detroit. Club members offer tutoring in math or English. Information will be given beforehand to prepare students for the topic that will be covered.

The tutoring sessions are usually on Mondays and Tuesdays with alternating weeks for each volunteer, depending on who offers to tutor.

“I wanted to give back to the community and underprivileged children,” Pattabhi said.
Pattabhi said she created this club because she wanted to contribute to the community and give help wherever it is needed.

“I love to work with children,” Pattabhi said.

She said she is determined to try to change the way the children feel about school. She believes the Detroit Education Society Tutoring Club can also benefit the students doing the tutoring.

“Besides giving back to your community you can give your time to a fourth or fifth grader that really appreciates it,” Pattabhi said. “Students from Troy High can learn social skills and tutoring skills for the future.”

This program is designed to give volunteer points for National Honor Society, make some money and to provide life lessons for students who offer their time.

“Contact me and I will send an email to the person who wants to sign up and send the link on signupgenius.com. The student will put their contact info and schedule a day of the week to sign up,” Pattabhi said. “To tutor Detroit Public Schools we will do it via Google Hangouts. Training for Google Hangouts will be provided at upcoming meetings.”

According to Cowley Collegetutoring students improves performance and personal growth, motivates self-paced and self-directed learning, and improves self-esteem.

Also, for the tutors, it encourages higher levels of thinking, increases motivation to learn in order to maintain new role, and strengthens one’s ability to manage learning and study strategies.

“The mission of this club is to also create a bond between the tutor and student. We want to help these less fortunate and underprivileged children as much as we can,” Pattabhi said.