Trust Me, It’s Not ‘High School Musical’

Aug. 25 Uncertainty and excitement is felt through the air as the incoming freshmen hear cowbells and blaring music. They approach the Troy High labyrinth, which upperclassmen have already mastered, to get a glimpse of the next four years. Some of the upperclassmen Student Government members volunteered to “round up” the freshmen and make them feel welcomed; however, some of the freshmen reacted unexpectedly.

“One of them ran away, we were chasing them with flags,” junior Jacob Sirhan said. However scary it may have seemed walking in for the first time, “We are trying to open them and be as crazy and welcoming as we can,” Sirhan said.

Sept. 6 They have seen the first day of high school hundreds of times in movies and TV shows, but now it is their time to experience it for themselves. Some of them are still figuring out where their classes are, and where the never ending hallway stops.

“The school is much bigger and I am still getting lost,” freshman Will Smalley said.

Even though it might not be anything like “High School Musical” they still have the chance to do the spring musiCAL (read in Ms. Darbus’s voice) and get their head in the game.

“I am excited to finally sit in the student section, and play some JV or varsity sports, and maybe do some of the musicals,” freshman Max Brune said. But a lot can change in a few weeks.

Sept. 19 After a few weeks of exploring the new grounds they have finally found the end of the never ending hallway. They have settled in and started the beginning of their four-part high school series.

“Before I came I thought it was going to be a lot more stressful and scary, but now I have realized it is not that bad,” freshman Jade Parks said.

So whether you have to kiss the deer head or face Freshman Friday, embrace all the experiences Troy High has to offer.