Trending Out of 2016


Gabrielle Francois

Several students try the latest challenges on social media.

Gabrielle Francois, Staff Writer

Social media already has an impact on teen’s personalities and activities, but are things going too far? How many times have you heard juju on that beat in the past two days? Challenges have gone viral on Twitter and Instagram, and with their publicity, some were tried by Troy High students.

One of the challenges that received the most attention was the water bottle flipping challenge, and sophomore Ana Klein has it down, at least based on her popular Twitter video. Many students recognize her water bottle challenge with the heading, “perfect girls don’t exist.”

Klein did not plan on making a video of the challenge but she decided to when she was bored.
She practiced her video to make it entertaining and reached 327 likes on the video.

“I tried so many times; each take was probably like two minutes,” Klein said.

She said that sometimes she got especially lucky on landing the flips.

“I actually flipped one and it made it into one of those pockets that holds shoes,” Klein said.

No matter what people think about these challenges, Klein believes people should accept and make the most out of them.
“You just gotta do you,” Klein said.

One popular trend is Juju on that Beat. Freshman Jenny Fry said she sees it as a fun trend to get one’s spirits up.

“It’s fun and it gives me something to do, and my friends dance to it sometimes,” Fry said.

Most of the challenges tend to happen spontaneously, trend on social media and spread from there.
“I first saw it on Twitter, and I did it when I got home and had nothing to do,” Fry said.

Another challenge is the mannequin head challenge. People place mannequin heads inside of their sweatshirts and dance to music.

Junior Mackenzie Patten did the challenge with juniors Caeley Smith and Natalie Fisher.
“We saw it on Twitter and thought maybe we would try it out and it could go viral since it was the first Christmas one,” Patten said.

Before the challenge, they had to figure out how they would do it and what they would need.
“We just found the song that we wanted to do and then we had to buy the mannequin heads from Michaels,” Fisher said.

They said coming up with dance moves for their video was harder than anticipated.
“We practiced it a little bit, but sometimes it took multiple takes to get it right,” Smith said.

They pushed to be as creative as possible with their routine.
“We just came up with some random choreography and we used some marching band choreography,” Fisher said.

The challenges of 2016 have gotten mixed reviews, but Patten and Smith shared similar opinions about them.

“It’s funny at first but sometimes people take it too far,” Smith said.

Patten agreed,
“Some challenges are dumb but I personally enjoy water bottle flipping,” she said.

Challenges of 2016 came and left with a bang. There will be more to come as social media continues to make people laugh.