‘The Bachelor’ Bash

Get-togethers serve as viewing parties of the hit ABC show.

When watching the hit ABC show “The Bachelor,” viewers can find all the scandal, romance and heartbreak they need. The series has been on television for 15 years, a total of 21 seasons. Each season features one bachelor or bachelorette who is given the opportunity to date 30 different people and, through the process of elimination, will ultimately find his or her one true love. In the current season, the women are competing for the heart of bachelor Nick Viall, through group and one-on-one dates.
Sophomore Faith Keating has enjoyed watching “The Bachelor” since eighth grade. Each week she and her neighbors take turns hosting a party solely dedicated to watching the show.
“I love ‘The Bachelor,’ but this season is horrible,” Keating said. “The last few seasons have been really good, but Nick is just horrible.”
Health teacher Lindsay Noble also loves watching “The Bachelor.” She also gets together with ten of her closest friends for girl’s nights to watch the show every week.
“For me, it’s not just about the reality TV show, it’s also about getting together with all my friends,” Noble said.
Despite the fact that Noble loves watching the show, she said she believes that it sends the wrong message to the young people who watch it.
“For some people there is love at first sight, but the idea of having a game show to find love is pretty ridiculous,” Noble said.
Although many people enjoy the friendship that the show brings, some people feel that the theme of the show is not appropriate.
For sophomore Kate Wyniemko, the entire idea is “stupid.” After watching it just once, she has strong feelings against the morals that the show sends to people.
“The show oppresses women,” Wyniemko said. “Love should come naturally, not on a TV show.”
Wyniemko said she will not let her future kids watch “The Bachelor” and feels the show is teaching the younger generation the wrong values about love. However, with people’s busy lives, “The Bachelor” and similar shows can serve as a break from everyday stresses.
“School and volleyball just take over my life and I don’t get much time to socialize, but when I’m off on Mondays I love being with the group,” Keating said. “It’s what I look forward to.”
To some people,“The Bachelor” is a very entertaining show. But when it comes to the younger generation, the idea that looks are the only factor that attracts other people may have a negative affect.