TC Line Unites All For Football

The TC line, Troy Colts Marching Band and Sideline Cheer Team strive to contribute to school spirit.

Gabrielle Francois, Web Editor

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For 14 years, the TC Line has been known for starting chants and exciting the crowd at football games.

“We lead [the football games], and we set up all of the chants because not everybody knows the cheers,” senior Connor Bloomingdale said.

The TC Line serves as a model for the student section, including freshmen who are new to the cheers. This year’s TC Line has worked to present a better example to their peers than last year, and has discussed with principal Remo Roncone why the Line is an asset to the student section.

“Roncone was nice,” senior Jack Baker said. “He just trusted us and said, ‘this your last shot, and if anything bad happens, it’s over.’ We were just very careful with everything this year and made sure there was a more positive image of the TC Line.”

Some of the activities performed by the Line are old traditions that’ve been around since the school first opened.

“At kickoff we all run in,” Bloomingdale said. “We have the flag and we all get into the student section and starting yelling to hype up the crowd. We have the deer head and make everyone kiss it. Also, during halftime, we have the roller coaster before the second half starts, and it gets everybody fired up.”

Without the TC Line, some would say that the student section would not be able to get the crowd excited themselves, but the band is also there to help with the cheers.

“Moving the student section closer to the band and cheerleaders definitely makes it more engaging and fun during the games,” junior Wonyoung Kang said.

This year, the band learned new pop songs like “Despacito” to help increase the school atmosphere, and the chants they practiced also helped the student section cheer.

“The student section chants “ole” as the trumpets play it by them,” Wonyoung said.

Several members of the TC Line agree that along with them, the marching band and sideline cheer also provides a kind of energy that is beneficial to the student section.

“At points, we all work as one,” Baker said. “I love hearing the band and the drumline, especially when they go in front of us. Even when the cheerleaders do their cheers with us, I like it; it just adds to the whole school atmosphere people look for.”

With the band being right next to the student section, the Line recognizes the extra spirit they bring.
“The drum offs are lit,” senior Eddie Ledesma said. “They help the chants and they help us dance and play songs.”

Although the school spirit is not where some students want it to be, there are improvements taking place done by marching band the cheer team, and TC Line.

Sideline cheer also tries to get the excitement of the crowd going with different stunts and chants.

“Some cheers we do are YELL,” sophomore Autumn Jones said. “We have cheers each stunt group of each grade has to have a scroll that senior, junior, sophomore or freshman and whichever class we announce gets the crowd fired up.”

Although some members of the Line are hesitatant to pass the deer head onto the juniors next year, the activities and chants during the football games will not end and will be passed down for the years to come.
“I think they’ll be able to do a good job,” Bloomingdale said.

As a student section this year, there was more to look forward to because of the success of the football team this year, and these games are the first step to improving the student sections morale according to Kang.

“In a hard-fought 7-3 away victory against Stoney Creek the pep band, cheerleaders, and football team sang the fight song to the parents and students,” Kang said. “It was a beautiful moment overflowing the TC pride.”

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