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Kidnapping of Lana Del Rey Attempted

Michael Hunt arrested after threatening to kidnap singer Lana Del Rey.

Solana Brown, Staff Writer

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On Feb. 3, Michael Hunt attempted to kidnap singer Lana Del Rey after her concert in Orlando. Hunt was arrested one block away from Amway Arena, where Del Rey would later be performing that night.

Orlando police made the arrest after they had received a tip. Upon arrest, Hunt was found with a knife and a ticket to Del Rey’s concert in his possession. A Facebook page assumed to belong to Hunt made many aggressive and unsettling posts against her between Jan. 29 and Feb. 2.

“I didn’t know whether to believe it or not [at first],” junior Anna Jeffreys said.

Authorities considered Hunt as a safety threat due to his 61 felony convictions, ranging from drugs to violent crimes.

“I just hope that it will be over soon, and hopefully everyone will be able to move on.”  Jeffreys said.

Del Rey addressed the kidnapping attempt at her Atlanta concert on Feb. 5. Initially, she had appeared to not be affected by the event. Later, when she had gone on stage, she broke down in tears and thanked her fans for being at the show.

    Del Rey’s fans have become increasingly more concerned with the singers safety since the attempt, and they hope the she will take necessary precautions when she is performing.

“Stuff like that is probably going to happen a lot and she should be more careful on tour,” Jeffreys said.

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