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Tinsel or Turkey

To some, playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving is untimely; to others, it’s necessary.

Jacob Sirhan, Staff Writer

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The familiar faces of your loved ones gather around the table. The mouth-watering aroma of the turkey permeates through the house. The cream-colored tablecloth is spread neatly on the table. This is what I remember and look forward to every Thanksgiving, but sometimes this is overshadowed by one thing: Christmas music.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas as much as the next guy. I will jam out to good Christmas music, especially “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” any day—just after Thanksgiving.

Playing Christmas music so early is a disgrace. Why do people feel the need to start listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween? Where is the love for Thanksgiving? Mind you, autumn doesn’t end till Dec. 21. Listening to Christmas music before the proper time neglects Thanksgiving, blowing past the opportunity to be thankful for the things and opportunities we have in life and rushing into the anticipation of gifts under a tree.

Fall is such a beautiful season, with the changing colors of the leaves, the cool chill that gives you the opportunity to pull out cozy sweaters. I like to enjoy the season rather than being rushed into the next one. It is so hard to get into the spirit of a “White Christmas” when it is neither white nor Christmas.
The biggest complaint I have about the music being played so early is that it gets repetitive. There simply is not enough decent Christmas music for it to be constantly played for two months. Most people hate it when radio stations play the same thing over and over until we all start to hate it. The same thing happens during the holiday season; it starts to become more annoying than cheerful.

I want to enjoy the Christmas season, not detest it. So sit back, grab a pumpkin spice latte, pull on a cozy sweater and watch the leaves turn. Most importantly, be thankful for all November offers.

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Tinsel or Turkey