Letter From The Editors

Editors-In-Chief Bianca Bucholtz and Liam Clancy help Madeline Trumbauer.

Annie Smuts

Editors-In-Chief Bianca Bucholtz and Liam Clancy help Madeline Trumbauer.

Upon entering the third year of our paper, we started to do some soul-searching. What is the essence of The Chariot? What do our readers want out of the paper? What do we want to provide for them?
While we always appreciate feedback from the community about what they enjoyed in the paper, what they think needs adjustment or what they’d like to see us do in the future, we have a few ideas of our own for this coming year.

We’re striving to be more than just a print newspaper this year. It’s our goal to bring you as much multi-platform coverage of relevant school events as possible. Whether you’re voting for Spirit Week champion on Twitter, viewing photos of the latest football game on Instagram or getting a recap of the Homecoming Parade on Snapchat, we would love for you to engage with us on social media.

We’re also stepping up our website this year. Beyond our printed stories, we hope you’ll be pleased to see that our website will feature several new online-exclusive stories each month. While our printed paper remains the backbone of what we do, our venture into new platforms allows us to bring you more coverage than before.

What’s the end goal here? Well, we’d love to improve our non-print platforms, build on last year’s success at journalism competitions and pick up an English credit along the way. Most of all, at the end of all of the stress that comes with putting together a newspaper, we want to create something that is important to the school and that everyone can benefit from reading. Ultimately, all of this is really just about sharing something with you.

Lastly, now more than ever, we believe we must make an effort to talk about mental health and suicide prevention. We ask everyone to reach out to friends or family who may be struggling. If you or a friend is in need of help, please talk to Ms. Gumbis at school or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Thanks for reading,
The Editors