The 2018 College List

A complete list of all the future plans of the Class of 2018.

Liam Clancy and Annie Smuts

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First Name Last Name College/Other
Kyrillos Abdallah University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Mariam Abdelmalek Oakland University
Michael Abitheira Albion College
Nicholas Abraham Undecided
Monet Adams Central Michigan University
Arpit Agarwal Purdue University
Apoorva Akalankam Michigan State University
Adam Al-Nsour Oakland University
Amira Al-Sharabi Oakland University
Lillian Aldinger University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Benjamin Alexander Michigan State University
Syed Ali Wayne State University
Jeanette Alkhateeb Oakland University
Karen Alvanez Working full time
Anthony Amalfitano Oakland Community College
Brandon Amann Michigan State University
Ryan Amann Oakland University
Deeptha Ananthalwan University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Amaya Anderson University of Minnesota
Angel Anguiano Cesar Oakland University
Abeo Aniapam Oakland University
Emi Arllaj Arizona State University
Mark Arwashan Michigan State University
Julius Asmar Oakland University
Joshua Attalla Wayne State University
Mark Auger American Musical & Dramatic Academy
Brinda Avutapalli Michigan State University
Leon Ayers Henry Ford College
Osman Azharuddin Nova Southeastern University
Mackenzie Bachert Michigan State University
Venkatesh Bajji Michigan State University
Jack Baker University of Alabama
Mariam Bakhaet University of Detroit Mercy
Kirols Bakheat University of Detroit Mercy
Robert Banas University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Priya Bandstra His Hill Bible School
Joseph Barlow Brigham Young University
Hana Barre American University
Thomas Barrett Grand Valley State University
Lucas Barron Michigan State University
Dhanush Bathala Michigan State University
Stephani Bell Central Michigan University
Evan Benbow Michigan State University
Jaxen Berkompas Wayne State University
Brett Best Central Michigan University
Janvi Bhalada Oakland University
Connor Bloomingdale Oakland Community College
Olivia Bonich Wayne State University
Emma Bossenberger Wayne State University
Bailey Boyanton Michigan State University
Danielle Boyer Working full time
Lauren Bragg Grand Valley State University
Simar Brar Oakland University
Robert Brown Oakland University
Maelle Bruneteau HEC Montréal
Emma Bruns Grand Valley State University
Maddison Brunt Grand Valley State University
Zachary Brydell Oakland Community College
Bianca Bucholtz Western Michigan University
Jacob Bultynck Grand Valley State University
Chad Burnham Michigan State University
Amaan Butt Wayne State University
Nathaly Cacador Oakland Community College
Michelle Cai University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Sean Campbell Michigan State University
Tanner Campbell Oakland Community College
Emma Capelli Oakland University
Lauren Carbon Undecided
Alec Carlson Grand Valley State University
Jaia Carney Oakland Community College
Skylar Carney Mississippi Valley State University
Anna Carrillo Michigan State University
Chiara Paola Castaneda Bolanos Oakland Community College
Albano Cekaj Oakland University
Tuhin Chakraborty University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Caroleen Chang University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Annie Chen University of Chicago
Maxwell Chen Johns Hopkins University
Afriti Chinoy Case Western Reserve University
Inwook Choe Michigan State University
June Choi Pratt Institute
Shadman Chowdhury Michigan State University
Phil Chu Troy Center for Transition
Jonathan Chuang University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Jaideep Chunduri Wayne State University
Kyle Chung Wayne State University
Connor Cicerone Wayne State University
Givon Cinque Notre Dame College
Liam Clancy University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Mitchell Cochran Working full time
Rachel Collins Ferris State University
Caleb Coplen Detroit Carpentry Joint Apprenticeship School
Adrianna Corbin Oakland University
Margaret Crowell Central Michigan University
Isabella Cueny Michigan State University
Mary Catherine Cujar Western Michigan University
Bryan Daewood Oakland Community College
Bryanna Dahmer Oakland Community College
Jinxi Dam Michigan State University
Emmanuel Dannug Wayne State University
Juliet Danyal Wayne State University
Bhargava Dasari Michigan State University
Emily Davis Michigan State University
Lindsey Davis Central Michigan University
Taylor Davis Wayne State University
Samuel Dawidowicz Oakland Community College
Mayson Dawson Western Michigan University
Abigail Deighton Oakland Community College
Andrea Delgado Jimenez Oakland Community College
Gabriela Delgado Jimenez Oakland Community College
Yiannos Demetriou University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Alexandra DeRose Michigan State University
Christopher Desmon Western Michigan University
Crosley DeVier Oakland Community College
Akansha Dey Michigan State University
Allen Diao University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Jack Didato Kalamazoo College
Jason Dietz Hope College
Ruize Ding Michigan State University
Cheikh Diop Lawrence Technological University
Sahil Dogra University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Matthew Dooley Oakland University
Alexander Doremus Troy Center for Transition
Peyton Downing University of Iowa
Marisa Drinkwater Columbia College Chicago
Dejvi Dudo Oakland Community College
Bryan Duller Wayne State University
Kaela Dusing Undecided
Raul Dutta University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Alena Eglovskaya Wayne State University
Olivia Eighmey Western Michigan University
Drew Etzkorn Grand Valley State University
Leanna Fakhouri Oakland University
Taha Faridi Oakland Community College
Quinn Favret University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Darius Feier University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Helen Ferriby Ohio State University
Natalie Fisher Grand Valley State University
Margaret Fisk Moody Bible Institute
Alec Fleifel Savannah College of Art and Design
Katherine Flemming Oakland Community College
Andrew Fodera University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Steven Forman University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Sarah Funk Michigan State University
Karthik Ganapathy University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Yaswanthrao Gandham Kettering University
Lynia Gardner Memphis University
Neil Garg Michigan State University
Vedaant Garg Michigan State University
Alaina Gargano Michigan State University
James Ge University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Esha Ghosalkar University of Central Florida
Tia Gijo Wayne State University
Geri Gjata Oakland Community College
Cameron Glenn University of Illinois at Chicago
Shruti Gomer Michigan State University
Miranda Gorges University of Detroit Mercy
Rohit Goru University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Arpitha Gowda Michigan State University
Frosiola Grazhdani Oakland University
Timothy Gregory University of Dayton
Andrew Griesmann Michigan State University
Griffin Groninger Oakland University
Kathleen Gu University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Lyndsey Gu Vanderbilt University
Maxwell Guitar Michigan State University
Matthew Gunn Michigan State University
Nandita Gupta University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Santiago Guadalupe Gutierrez Arellano Working full time
Noor Hadad Wayne State University
Zaher Hage University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Sara Hak Michigan State University
Jasmine Hall Oakland Community College
Zain Hameed University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Brooke Hammerschmidt David Pressley School of Cosmetology
Joseph Hanna Oakland Community College
Sabrina Hanna Oakland University
Claire Hao University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
William Harewood Seton Hall University
Bilal Hashim University of Michigan – Dearborn
Khalid Hassan Oakland Community College
Griffin Hendren Michigan State University
John Hern Michigan State University
Amina Hidic Oakland Community College
Henry Hildebrandt Macomb Community College
Anna Hill Central Michigan University
Kevin Holloway Troy Center for Transition
Marlee Home University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Emily Houde Central Michigan University
Claire House Central Michigan University
Nicholas Howard Michigan State University
Madison Howe Michigan State University
Yung-Teng Hsu Pennsylvania State University
Yaozong Huang University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Frederick Hubacker Central Michigan University
Fizza Hussain Wayne State University
Sydney Hyatt Bowling Green State University
Alyssa Hysell Oakland Community College
Rachel Ienna University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Aaron Isaac Macomb Community College
Vanessa Ita Nova Southeastern University
Austin Jackson Wayne State University
Gayatri Jaiman Wayne State University
Zachary Jaisinghani Grand Valley State University
Adam Jazaerly Oakland University
Adrian Jellinek University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Altonio Jenkins Undecided
Emily Jevarjian Michigan State University
Jason Jia Michigan State University
Runxuan Jiang University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Mattias Johansson Brigham Young University
Janifer Johnson Michigan State University
Megan Judy Oakland Community College
Joseph Jung Kalamazoo College
Kamal Kadari Wayne State University
Saurav Kafle University of Miami (FL)
Conner Kalmar Oakland Community College
Tessa Kaminski Kent State University
Jiho Kang Michigan State University
Shpresa Kapllani Wayne State University
Grace Kashat Oakland Community College
Quinn Kelly Indiana University
Devin Kenney Wayne State University
Jacob Ketels Undecided
Selvia Khalil Oakland University
Farhaan Khan Wayne State University
Maham Khan Michigan State University
Tahreem Khanzada Wayne State University
Sarah Kho Oakland University
Sema Khraishi Michigan State University
Nicole Kijek Wayne State University
Christiana Kim University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Dong Kim Michigan State University
Eugene Kim University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Hyon Joon Kim Michigan State University
Hyunsoo Kim University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Jamie Kim Ohio State University
Yejin Kim University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Yunsoo Kim University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Kyle Kimmel Troy Center for Transition
Mirranda Kinaia University of Detroit Mercy
Andrea King Wayne State University
Teron Kinnard Michigan State University
Abhishek Koka Michigan State University
Emma Kolakowski Michigan State University
Christopher Kondoleon University of Wisconsin–Madison
Deqian Kong University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Alexa Kotsovos Lake Forest College
Benjamin Kozel Purdue University
Phoebe Krawczyk Grand Valley State University
Stephen Kurapati Kettering University
Grant LaBelle Western Michigan University
Lauren Lain Motion Picture Institute
Ethan Lazrado Michigan State University
Saeha Lederle Michigan State University
Edward Ledesma Arizona Community College
Christopher Lee University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Dana Lee College for Creative Studies
David Lee University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
James Lee Western Michigan University
Joonghyun Lee University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Minseok Lee Michigan State University
Younghyun Lee Michigan State University
Anthony Lelli Oakland Community College
Delbert Li Wayne State University
Henry Li University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
James Li University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Kevin Li Michigan State University
Yifei Li Michigan State University
Alexandra Lillie Oakland University
Allen Lin Michigan State University
Jeffrey Lin University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Michael Lin University of Pennsylvania
Bryce Liposky Oakland Community College
Courtney Little Western Michigan University
Haoyu Liu Michigan State University
Jessica Liu Hope College
Kelley Liu Columbia University
Spencer Liu University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Noah Lobo Western Michigan University
Camille Loken Michigan State University
Demitra Loucopoulos University of Detroit Mercy
Jerelyn Lua Oakland University
Biance Lynn Western Michigan University
Emma MacArthur University of Hong Kong
Deontre Maddox Alma University
Kaumudi Mahajan Michigan State University
Jacob Maher Miami University (OH)
Bharath Mahesh Michigan State University
Gavin Mahoney Oakland Community College
Morgan Malaga Hope College
Olivia Maloney Michigan State University
Grace Malotke Oakland Community College
Maneesh Malpeddi Indiana University
Catherine Manceor Michigan State University
Artemida Mara Wayne State University
Zaky Maschuq Michigan State University
Joseph Mason Central Michigan University
Omar Massarani Oakland Community College
Chelsea Maxwell Oakland University
Mendy Mbidi-Glaou Albion College
Clare McAuliffe University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Stephen McAvoy Bluffton University
Riley McConnell Oakland Community College
Thomas McGowan Michigan State University
Cassidy McGrane Working full time
Aidan McInerney Northern Michigan University
Keegan McInerney Michigan Technological University
Kayla McKaig Michigan State University
Lana Meaders Oakland University
Ishan Mehta Michigan State University
Joey Meng Michigan State University
Kiran Menon University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Drew Meyer Grand Valley State University
Alexandra Mititelu University of Detroit Mercy
Kelsey Moeller Fairmont State University
Esha Rhethu Mohan Vijayakumar Wayne State University
Meghan Monaghan University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Caitlyn Moon Michigan State University
Christian Morgan Oakland Community College
Nicholas Mosey Oakland University
Therese Moussawer Oakland University
Robert Mu University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Danika Murray Wayne State University
David Muso University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Jacquelyn Myers Wayne State University
William Myers University of Alabama
Eman Naga Wayne State University
Sudha Vaishnavi Nannur Michigan State University
Julia Napiewocki University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Srushti Narkhede Michigan State University
Zoha Naseem Oakland Community College
Karthik Nathan Michigan State University
Seydina Ndiaye Oakland University
Sara Nguyen New York University
Benjamin Nido Oakland Community College
Riley Niederquell Michigan State University
Brianna Nogoy University of South Florida
Griffin Novetsky Oakland University
Margaret O’Neill Hope College
Megan Oleszkowicz Grand Valley State University
Marissa Orzame Michigan State University
Ty Owens Oakland Community College
Ajitha Padala Wayne State University
Joshua Pajak Berklee College of Music
Hannah Palomino University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Matthew Panella Oakland Community College
Connor Pangle Michigan State University
Jinju Park College for Creative Studies
Seongjin Park Michigan State University
Siyoni Parker Undecided
Genevieve Parks Central Michigan University
Dhara Patel Michigan State University
Mackenzie Patten Oakland University
Anna Patton Grand Valley State University
Dakota Peel Grand Valley State University
Charlie Peng University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Justin Peng Michigan State University
Allison Percy Michigan State University
Niklas Pihlgren Wayne State University
Kaleigh Pikulas Grand Valley State University
Robert Polek Oakland Community College
Patrick Poon University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Sara Pope Central Michigan University
Shankar Prabhu University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Rebecca Prater Michigan State University
Emma Prince Michigan State University
Teja Pulavarthi University of Pittsburgh
Ashish Purania Wayne State University
Sandie Quinn University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Martina Rabajoli Wayne State University
Mary Ragheb Oakland Community College
Sepehr Rahgozar Michigan State University
Neya Ramprasad University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Harshini Ranganathan School of Excellence in Law
Adithya Rao Michigan State University
Joshua Ray University of North Carolina School of the Arts
Jeremiah Reed Oakland Community College
Nolan Regan Grand Valley State University
Delayne Richie Michigan State University
Joshua Riley Henry Ford College
Bernard Rivers Undecided
Ghazanfar Rizvi Michigan State University
David Roberts Wilberforce University
Kaitlyn Roberts College for Creative Studies
Samantha Rohland Wayne State University
John Romig Michigan State University
Brittany Rose Oakland University
Gabriela Rowe Michigan State University
Sanjana Roy University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Justin Rozelle Working full time
Elayna Sabelhaus University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Maumna Safdar Wayne State University
Aziz Saifuddin University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Alexander Samson Oregon State University
Adithya Sanjay University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Stefannie Savoy Michigan State University
Madison Schaffer Oakland Community College
Brian Schlimgen Saginaw Valley State University
Alexandra Schroeder Michigan State University
Gianna Sciortino Oakland University
Kyle Scott University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Parker Scott College for Creative Studies
Ryan Selzer Michigan State University
Aaron Sexton Kalamazoo Valley Community College
Sahil Shah University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Mary Sharaby Oakland Community College
Dikshant Sharma Working full time
Anisha Shukla University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Shriya Singh Wayne State University
Saloni Singhal University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Jacob Sirhan University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Matthew Skrzycki University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Caeley Smith Grand Valley State University
Logan Smith Oakland Community College
Olivia Smith Central Michigan University
Peyton Smith Oakland University
Tyler Smith Oakland Community College
Alanah Soriano Michigan State University
Vaibhav Srinivasan University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Robert Stephenson Michigan State University
Hailey Stewart Oakland University
Caroline Stromberg Boston University
Megan Struga Oakland Community College
Natalie Suh University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Daniel Sully Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Anshula Sundaram Michigan State University
Alexis Swink Oakland Community College
Jacqueline Tabaka Grand Valley State University
Amishi Taneja University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Emily Tenniswood Kalamazoo College
Chitteshwaran Thavamani Carnegie Mellon University
Abhinav Nadh Thirupathi Michigan State University
Ian Thompson University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Alyssa Throne Grand Valley State University
Madeline Trumbauer University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Jennifer Tsai Michigan State University
Sanath Tummala University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Amber Uptergrove University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Vijay Vatti Michigan State University
Alexander Vecchioni Purdue University
Caelan Verhelst Berklee College of Music
Matthew Vernier Michigan State University
Andrew Vetter Albion College
Maxwell Vetter Oakland University
Daniel Vijayasegar University of Michigan – Dearborn
Steven Vitale Grand Valley State University
Noah Wagberg Eastern Michigan University
Gerald Wagner Grand Valley State University
Nicholas Walters Wittenberg University
Muyang Wang University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Nerissa Wang University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Yawen Wang University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
James Warner Michigan State University
Brendan Washeleski Undecided
Anna Watson Northern Michigan University
Anya Welborn Purdue University
Kali Williams Oakland University
Josiah Willis Michigan State University
Justin Wilson Duke University
Justin Wilson Oakland Community College
Merrick Witkowski Michigan State University
Jennifer Wloszek Grand Valley State University
Daniel Won University of Detroit Mercy
Ji Yoon Won University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Susan Wong University of Detroit Mercy
Megan Worrel University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Elise Xia Duke University
Cynthia Xiong University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Ashley Xu Michigan State University
Majd Yakan University of Detroit Mercy
Richard Yan Michigan State University
Richard Yang Princeton University
Zeyu Yang University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Shania Corinne Yap Oakland Community College
Eunchan Yoon Oakland Community College
Alisa Young New York University
Peyton Young Purdue University
Abanoub Zakhary University of Detroit Mercy
Edward Zentera Oakland Community College
Justin Zhang University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Kevin Zhang Michigan State University
William Zhang University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Daniel Zheng University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Nina Zheng University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Kevin Zhong Michigan State University
Jeffrey Zhou Michigan State University
Jinlong Zhou Michigan State University
William Zhou Michigan State University
Lisa Zou Michigan State University
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