Dance Team’s Digits Double

Troy's dance team gains new dancers.

Samantha Fisher, Web Editor

This year, the dance team has seen a rise in its numbers for the 2018-2019 season. With nine dancers last year and 17 this year, the team is looking forward to a positive change in routine. Despite not having as many dancers within the past few years, the team’s coach, Amy Barnhart, is looking forward to gaining more coaching experience.

“I am super excited to have so many girls interested in the dance team this year,” Barnhart said. “I haven’t had this many dancers in over five years. This year’s tryouts were very easy. A lot of the girls are friends so everyone was helping each other. It was a very positive experience.”

Although she will have more on her plate this season, Barnhart is thrilled for the amount of experience the team has.

“The majority of the girls are studio dancers, so they all understand what I’m teaching,” Barnhart said. “I’m really looking forward to being able to do more dances this season—hopefully a new dance for every performance. With the girls being studio dancers, they are able to pick up the choreography quickly and be ready to perform.”

Many dancers are also excited for this upcoming season including junior Izabella Burzynski who is a returning dancer. Her favorite thing about being on the team is spending time with her friends while doing what she loves.

“During this season, I’m looking forward to having new routines and making more memories with my friends,” Burzynski said.

Sophomore Sydney Gonzalez is one of the many dancers on the team that has been dancing since she was younger. She is a new member to the team and is looking forward becoming friends with all the other girls.

“My favorite thing about the dance team is being able to learn new dance moves and perfect older ones,” Gonzalez said. “I’m looking forward to being able to show [everyone] all the hard work that we put into making the dance team look its best.”