A Passion for Fashion

Senior Olivia Simone creates a fashion blog.

Senior Olivia Simone’s interest in fashion, journalism and marketing led her to create her own blog called Liv in Style in June 2018. She writes about fashion, gives tips about how to take good photos and does challenges such as the $10 thrift challenge. In the near future, she hopes to include recipes.

“I definitely like looking at all of the runway shows and stores at the mall [for inspiration],” Simone said. ”Social media’s a big influence.”

Many of Simone’s friends and family members read her blog, and some are even featured in it.

“I’ve had a lot of people come up to me and tell me about it,” Simone said. “I didn’t think that many people know about it.”

Senior Yuvi Jamwal asked her to the homecoming dance with a poster referencing the title of her blog, reading ‘Will you Liv in Style with me?’

Jamwal appreciates Simone’s blog and says he learned new fashion terms from reading the articles he was mentioned in.

“It was very interesting,” Jawal said. “Her writing style is pretty cool. The way she represents our characters through what we wore was pretty cool.”

In the future, Simone is interested in blogging as a job since she wants to incorporate journalism, business and fashion design into her career.

“I really want my blog to launch into something bigger so it can be a job someday,” Simone said.