Live-Action ‘The Lion King’ Coming in 2019

The new movie “The Lion King” set to come out 2019.

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Live-Action ‘The Lion King’ Coming in 2019

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The new live-action movie “The Lion King” is coming out in July. It stars big names such as Childish Gambino (Donald Glover), Seth Rogen, Beyoncé, Eric Andre and Keegan-Michael Kay. Childish Gambino and Beyoncé have the main roles of Nala and Simba. “I’m excited to see Donald Glover,” said junior Max Brune. Many people have taken their excitement to Twitter to focus on  the casting of 22 Grammy award winner Beyoncé, but not everyone shares tht joy. Many don’t think Beyoncé has the acting skills for the movie and think she should stick to singing. Most were expecting a more experienced actress to be cast as Nala.

          Lion King fans  are wondering if one of their favorite movies will be drastically changed.

“They’ve been adding a few songs, and have a longer running time,” theatre teacher Rick Bodick said.

The original “The Lion King” soundtrack included 19 songs. Bodick likes the original Elton John songs, and so do many other fans. The director of the movie, Jon Favreau, has done this before with his critically-acclaimed live-action version of “The Jungle Book,” which was rated very highly. The original “The Lion King” is one of the most loved Disney movies, being the seventh highest grossing Disney movie, bringing in around $968 million. The opening scene showed at last year’s D23 Expo is said to be just as beautiful as the original cartoon and will remain almost the same. .

        Not all fans of the original are excited though.

“I don’t want to see the live action one,” said Bodick. Bodick is a fan of the original movie. He thought the remake of “Beauty and the Beast” was not executed well and thinks the movie should just be left how it is. Many fans on social media agree. Some fans share the fear that their favorite movie will be ruined.

        Disney is also currently working on making “Mulan” and “Dumbo” into live-action movies which will come out in 2019. One change the director already made is removing the songs from “Mulan.” Favreau said that he wants to show the characters in a new light. The live-action movie “Dumbo”, is in the hands of esteemed director Tim Burton, which has led many fans to think it’s an automatic masterpiece.

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