Balancing into a New Season

The 2019 girls gymnastic team starts a new season.

People every day are in a cycle without realizing it. For senior Madison Zagacki, there are variables composed together that make her go to gymnastics practice bidaily. One of the reasons is her teammates, to her they always make her laugh even when practices are hard and push her to her full capability. A common day of practice starts with conditioning before and after practicing events, stretching and practicing certain routines. Over the years, the team has lost seniors and the team is small compared to most sports at Troy but that does not stop the girls’ motivation.

   “Gymnastics is special to me because it’s something I always wanted to do when I was younger but never got to,” Zagacki said.  “I found it my freshman year and fell in love with the sport.”

    Gymnastics is considered to be a physically demanding sport. Zagacki adds that motivation is a huge role in the sport and to achieve, one must work hard.

    “You have to be willing to push through injuries to really improve your skills and yourself,” said Zagacki.  

      The sport is not all physical, and it requires one to be mentally positive and prepared.

     “It’s challenging and frustrating at times but it’s made me a stronger person physically and mentally,” said Zagacki.

      The overall theme for this team is to work hard and stick with it. Their practices are usually three to two and a half hours and when they finish they it is with a smile on their face.