Remembering the 41st’s Presidency

How George H.W. Bush inspired teachers at Troy High

          The 41st American president George H.W. Bush passed away Friday, Nov. 30. Some of his major contributions to America include the military strike that caused Hussein to flee Kuwait and helping pave US-Russian relations after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
          Government teacher Ryan Werenka believes that Bush’s most notable contribution is his involvement in foreign policy with the Soviet Union.
          “I would say his leadership in the end of the Cold War, the ability to help transition the world from this brink of war and brinkmanship to a really peaceful transition, broadening our democracy in the world,” Werenka said.
          Bush was able to form a positive relationship with the Soviet Union Leader at the time, Mikhail Gorbachev, after the Cold War, and he built a friendship with Russia that hadn’t existed for decades.
          A major point in Bush’s presidency that is pointed to for the fall of his approval rating is his quote: “Read my lips. No new taxes.” When Bush went back on this promise to raise taxes in 1990, the country criticized him for lying. This is pointed to for Bush losing the reelection.
Werenka and economics teacher David Aldinger agree that Bush’s decision to raise taxes was justified.
          “He was trapped by a divided government,” Aldinger said.“I think that’s part of why we’re so divided today, nobody trusts each other.”
          George H.W. Bush is a president who resounds with today’s American public. Werenka respects the relationships he built with world leaders, and he believes such bonds are still impactful to this day.