VIDEO: IASA Celebrates Indian Culture Through Dance at Hyaat

The Indian American Students Association (IASA) puts on its annual show, Hyaat for the school.

The Indian American Student Association, or better known as IASA, hosted it sixth annual event, Hyaat which is Hindi for “life.” This organization choreographs and performs various dances to Indian music, including genres such as Bollywood, Bhangrah, Raas, Hip Hop, Southern Indian, classical and more. Not only are the students there to perform unique dance routines, but the show compensates the many other aspects of the Indian culture such as the fashion and pop culture. These students focus on displaying many Indian traditions that shape them into who they are today and how they view the world around them.

Gabrielle Francois

Senior Viji Jambunathan has been part of the organization since freshman year and participated in three dances this year alone: Raas, Bhangrah and Senior Fusion.

“I never danced before my freshman year, but my friends were joining and I really enjoyed it that year so I kept doing” she said.

The organization spends all year practicing their routines for the show and on top of their level of dance being so advanced for a high school, they also develop strong bonds with each other last for years.

“[The practices] are always a lot of fun, but sometimes it can get stressful when we get closer to the show because there is a lot that we have to get done,” Jambunathan said. “But for the most part everyone is super nice and respectful- it’s something we all do to have fun.”

Although the organization specifically focuses on features of the Indian culture, students of all races and identities are welcome to join part of this distinct community. At the show, the Master of ceremonies, or MCs, even made the comment that “anyone can be India.” Rather “being Indian” is not only how you look but how you view certain aspects and interact with others around you.