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Super Staycation

How to make a boring vacation at home adventurous.

April 9, 2019

Staycation Bucket List:


  1. Start a new show.
  2. Go to ‘Dino’s Cookie Bar.’
  3. Go out for a brunch buffet.
  4. Have a craft night.
  5. Go walking in Rochester.
  6. Go se the movie ‘Us.’
  7. Eat at my favorite restaurant; ‘Azteca.’
  8. Build a fort.
  9. Go walking in Downtown Detroit.
  10. Go on a shopping spree at the mall.

I was really sad when I heard that I was not going on vacation. My solution was to make staying at home the greatest vacation ever, here is how I did it. I had a long week before getting off to break so I wanted a very chill night. I watched a movie and made a fort with my dogs and it was funny to watch them go in it. The next day thought to myself, “Where are the best places to get food?” Big Beaver Rd. is infested with new places so I started there and I branched into towns like Detroit and Rochester. In Rochester I ate homemade cookie dough and it was heavenly. In Detroit, options for food were endless because walking through the Eastern Market something will always catch your eye like a cereal doughnut or a cheesy croissant, I mainly targeted foods that I would never eat on a day to day basis. Seeing a movie was just a given. It is common to go see a movie and the movies ‘Us’ was all the rave in Troy. For craft night I learned how calming it is to paint and take your time and I was uber excited to bring home a birdhouse that I could put in my backyard. Somerset Mall was so close and was practically calling my name for a visit, though mainly I bought summer clothes that I would wear for a tropical vacation. All in all, I had a fun time exploring the area around me and learned how to appreciate it while not being stressed at school.

Sophomore Caroline Bogdanovich learned to relax and regroup and by not going on a extravagant vacation.

“I babysat and earned some money to spend and I went shopping and just remained unbothered,” said Bogdanovich. “Obviously I would rather be somewhere warmer and see new things but it was nice to just be at home and just allow myself to be bored and not feel the need that I had to do something everyday.”


VIDEO: Super Stay-Cation

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