Stressful Spring

The pressure is now on for high school students with the end of the school year approaching.

Stressful Spring

With spring finally here, high school students are doing everything from cramming for finals to deciding what college to go to. Many students are under immense pressure to finish the school year off strong and to push through the last couple months. Students have many activities and commitments to keep up with, as well as studying and homework. Most high school sports are held in the spring including; lacrosse, baseball and softball, girls soccer, and many others too. With popular sports like these occurring in the spring, this creates more and more student-athletes trying to juggle multiple activities during a very already active time of year.

According to The Washington Post, just under 60 percent of teens said that having to manage too many activities was a “somewhat or very significant” stressor. Junior Isabella Giuffrida is one of many students who has to juggle many activities including school.

“The most stressful part about the end of the year is probably when big end-of-the-year projects and tests are due,” Giuffrida said. “There is also districts and major deciding tournaments for school sports as well as finals for in-state and out-of-state tournaments for my club volleyball team.”

Although, some teenagers have said that playing a sport or being in another activity helps alleviate their stress.

“Sports honestly help me to de-stress the most,” Giuffrida said. “Just  thinking about the play in that moment, and being with friends and laughing, joking, at the same time we’re getting exercise is a major distress for me.”

Because kids and teens spend most of the day in classrooms, teachers can play a powerful role in limiting stress. Some things teachers can do to help to limit stress include; limiting homework overload, keeping kids moving and playing music during independent work time.