A Shift in Student Government

Student Government and Leadership classes are going through some structural changes

Student Government (Stugo) is currently in the process of making a transition. Both Student Government and administration have recently made the decision to transform the Leadership class into a Student Government class. Previously, Student Government has been executed all outside of school. Now, if students decide to take Leadership, Student Government members will have the opportunity to get their work done in school during the class instead of cramming to get all of their tasks done outside of school. Social Studies, Leadership teacher and Student Government advisor Mrs. Meghan Riddock has been working with administration, curriculum council and counseling throughout the process of organizing this shift.

“We’re still involved in transitioning some elements, but so far we have been doing things like trying to help students find space in their schedules to take this Leadership class, and I’ve been working very closely with many different departments to make sure everything is thoroughly coordinated and communicated,” Riddock said. There are many factors that led to the final decision of turning Leadership into a Student Government class including making sure a spirited and welcoming school environment is first priority and making sure Stugo members have as much time to get assignments done as possible.

“First, leadership should be something that is constantly happening throughout the school day, not just after school as an extracurricular,” Riddock said. “Second, members have a lot of extracurricular activities outside of Student Government. By partly making Stugo a class, we can take care of some of our responsibilities during the school day as opposed to having to cram everything in after school, which allows for members to have more time for their other extracurriculars.” This transition will also allow more Student Government members to become more hands on with projects and activities. Student Government member junior Marissa Young is one of many members who are eager to start the new class..

“I’m really looking forward to being super involved with everything that is going on around the school, and also being able to have more of an opportunity to spread school spirit to others,” Young said. This structural change has been long awaited by previous years of Stugo members.

“Students have been wanting this transition to happen for several years now, Riddock said. “Most schools in Oakland County and in surrounding areas already have Student Government as a class that students can take during the school day.” Aside from production renovation, this transition will have the ability to improve the way students view Student Government and increase the number of incoming members.

“Many students, especially incoming freshmen, are scared to join Stugo because they either don’t know people or they don’t know how it’s operated,” Young said. “By having it as a class, it will be a good way for students to get integrated into Stugo. As for Troy High as a whole, Student Government will now have more time to focus on the events that we are putting together to make them even better for the rest of the school to enjoy and appreciate.”

Student Government members working on posters for 2018 Homecoming.