Ramen Rush

Japanese club sees large turnout at ramen eating competition.


Murryum Farooqi

Students competed eating Maruchan Instant Lunch ramen.

Murryum Farooqi, Body Copy Editor

Ramen: The classic Japanese noodle and soup dish revered by many around the world. On Thursday, Dec. 5, ramen-eating was taken a step further when the Japanese Club held their very own ramen-eating competition.
Freshman Samantha Smith, a regular member, enjoys it when the club throws events like this, but would rather spectate.
“I can eat fast but I don’t want to do it because I don’t want to throw up,” she said.
Her main priority, like many other members present at the event, was enjoying the ramen.
“It tastes nice, it’s just nice noodles,” Smith said.

Murryum Farooqi
Samantha Smith arrived in a ramen themed t shirt.

Sophomore Rohit Rajala, vice president of Japanese Club, reflects on the club’s growth and what the high turnout for the competition means to him.
“The actual competition was an idea started from last year because we wanted something to do with ramen since a lot of people came in here,” he said. “Seeing… so many people in our room that we don’t even have enough chairs for them, it really makes me proud.”

Murryum Farooqi
Students prepare their ramen by adding hot water.

The noodle events will continue in the upcoming weeks, as Korean Club plans to hold a spicy noodle challenge day on Dec. 17.