Rumors of Record Absences Debunked

Principal Roncone provides details on recent student absences


Murryum Farooqi

Many students believed there was a noticeable decrease in students

Murryum Farooqi, Body Copy Editor

In the last week before winter break, many students are being bombarded with projects and assignments, and many more are finding themselves unable to come to school. The absences haven’t gone unnoticed, with many students speculating that the number of absences has racked up to be in the hundreds.

However Principal Remo Roncone believes the absence levels aren’t as significant as people say they are.

“On an average day we are usually 150 [absences],” Roncone said. “I have not seen anything that’s alarming at this point.”

Roncone also explained how absences near winter break have become routine.

“Before the holidays we always get an uptick,” he said.

He elaborated on the possibility of a school closing as a result of absences.

“If it were ever to get to a place where having more people together is going to just infect more people at a high rate we would make decisions based on that,” Roncone said. “ We would talk to the health department and medical professionals in the county.”

Junior Ethan Deneen commented on students who come to school despite their sickness.

“There was one kid in band yesterday who was incredibly sick and couldn’t talk at all and everything, but he had a test fifth hour so he was going to stay,” he said.

Roncone also expressed his views on the conundrum many students face when deciding whether or not to stay home.

“I think every parent and every student struggles with that as far as how far do you push it,” Roncone said.