Fact or Fiction: Your Opinion


Lola Pinneo, Staff Writer

Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day, is celebrated by millions around the world, with traditions that back it up to a sixth century B.C. pagan holiday centered around fertility, Lupercalia.

Senior Lucas Gray shares his opinion on this holiday.

 “I think it’s a hallmark holiday, kind of made up, but I think that it’s a cool way to have a day to show appreciation for the people close to us,” Gray said.

Junior Maria Croci has her thoughts on this winter holiday. 

“I think it’s a little overrated,” Croci said. “I remember last year there were rose petals down the hall and guys with huge teddy bears, it just seemed a bit much.” 

This could be because some people see that Valentine’s Day is made into a big fabricated event that’s overdone. On the contrary, some people have a different opinion, and they see this holiday as necessary and important.  

 According to CNN, Americans will spend $19.6 billion on Valentine’s Day. Americans spend $4.7 billion on jewelry, and we will send out $144 million dollars worth of cards. 

 Freshman Teja Karanam talks about the parts of Valentine’s Day that he enjoys.

 “I think it’s a pretty nice and romantic day for couples to spend together,” Karanam said. 

Valentine’s Day can be overdone or just right; it all depends on the people that you spend this day with and what you make of it. Junior Christopher Ostrowski has the same opinion as many others. 

“It’s a nice way to give back to people you care about,” he said. Some people see this holiday as a way to give back or as something overdone.  

 In my personal opinion, I think that it’s all about the way that you view this day. Some people have more of an attachment to it than others and that’s ok. Like most holidays, everyone has their favorite, and a reason as to why.   

Spend Valentine’s Day the way you want with the people you want in order to make the day the best possible for you.