Spring Sport Cancelations Leave Students Devastated

High School athletes look forward to playing their senior sport season; for the class of 2020 it was taken away from them.

Many high school students turn to sports to lead them through their four years of high school, introduce them to lifelong friends and many further opportunities. All throughout their sports’ career, many athletes look forward to senior sports’ traditions and celebrations.  

MHSAA says this will be the first school year to not see MHSAA finals since 1942-43, when WW2 canceled finals in many sports.

Senior and softball player Julia Considine, is particularly upset about missing out on her team’s senior traditions. 

“My senior season of softball being canceled was devastating for me,” Considine said. “I’ve played with some of these girls my whole life along with the coaches. We have a lot of fun traditions we do for the seniors that I have loved doing since freshman year, but I was definitely excited to be on the other end this time.”

Considine’s teammate, senior Ronnie Roach, was also looking forward to a season of special traditions.

“For softball, we have a rule that seniors don’t have to rake the field or clean up after practices so I was really looking forward to finally be that senior,” Roach said. 

As a basketball and baseball player, senior Corey Victor struggled with the loss of two sports. 

“I feel that the covid-19 situation hit our senior year at a really wrong time,” Victor said. “It took basically everyone’s spring sports away and took the endings of winter sports for basketball.”

As a fourth year member on the team, Victor had high hopes for the upcoming season. Victor also explained how unfortunate it was to have all of his and his teammates’ hard work and dedication thrown away.

“All the boys were training very hard in the offseason to be the best,” Victor said. “Spring baseball is definitely my favorite part of the whole year. I looked forward to playing my senior baseball season and it’s very sad it had to pan out this way.” 

Despite all the chaos of spring sport cancellations, Considine is trying to keep a positive mindset.

“I think that the pandemic is a horrible situation for everyone in different ways, especially the poor and sick, and anyone who has gotten something taken away from them,” Considine said. “It’s hard to think positively, but hopefully it will bring us all closer together in the end.”