Halloween With A Twist

Socially distant, but together

As of October 2020, schools are opening and life is continuing. As Halloween approaches, many parents as well as students are worried about navigating the holiday!

Sophomore Victoria Kang, expresses her concern about Halloween safety. 


“I think COVID will have a major impact on Halloween activities, because I think kids will be wearing masks, and some adults may choose against passing out candy this year,” Kang said. 


According to the official center for disease control website Halloween can still happen but With A Twist. It doesn’t have to be scary as long as people try to avoid unnecessary contact with strangers. Kang is fine with staying in.


“For Halloween this year I’m thinking of just hanging out with my friends and chilling at someone’s house,” Kang said.


Having fun on the scariest day of the year can happen in a number of ways.. Students could hang out with family, decorate, scare safely, or make festive food. All of these can be coping mechanisms but also fun ideas. Additional options include digital escape rooms, spooky crafts, carving pumpkins, and much more

Some local organizations have even created ways to safely give out treats with a contactless pick-up option. This includes the trick or treat at the Troy Historical Village. 

Administration for The Scarecrowtopia Trick or-Treat Event reflects on the weekends turnout. 

“This weekend went very well, being the first year to host the event on six different days rather than one to maximize social distancing and optimize experience. It was very exciting to see so many people already following the safety precautions. This year we just had to figure how to create touchless activities and games and still have fun in the process”.


Junior Alyssa Matuza touches on how she spent Halloween the last couple of years.

“In elementary/middle school I went trick or treating. This year I’ll probably go over [to] a friend’s house.” 

With all these fun activities to choose from Matuza and her friends will definitely have enough to do.