To Attend or Not to Attend

Discovering the struggles and successes of virtual education and in-school education

Rory Knauss, Staff Writer

While teachers and students adjust to school life behind the screen, there have been some setbacks that can hinder, as well as some advantages that assist a student in their learning. Now that returning to school is a possibility, students are faced with the decision of staying virtual, or returning to classrooms in masks.

Sophomore Tim Weaks has expressed interest in coming back to school. 

“[I] prefer in school because I get less distracted and class times are shorter, and seeing friends is nice,” Weaks says. “Once the opportunity is given I will be returning to school because online school is a challenge.”

Although online learning is a challenge for Weaks, Junior Noah Sabaj is not finding online school to be difficult, but still believes that in time, students should return to school.

“Online learning personally hasn’t been a struggle, but I’m sure that for some individuals who have learning disadvantages this must be an unusual and challenging time,” Sabaj says. ”As long as we maintain social distancing guidelines, wear our masks and sanitize everything, I think that in time, we should return.”

Even though both Weaks and Sabaj agree that online school isn’t better than in-person learning, junior Ander Schunk disagrees to a certain extent.

“I already knew I wasn’t going back to school before the district formally asked people what their plans were,” Schunk said. “My family had decided that it would be way too risky to send me back to school and potentially expose everyone to COVID. I find online school to be somewhat nicer than in-person school. For one, I don’t need to interact with nearly as many people, which has made me a less anxious person.”

However, there are some aspects for Schunk that makes online school difficult.

“There are definitely a multitude of things wrong with virtual learning, one being the ever-prevalent technology issues. It seems like schoology crashes every other day.”

There are many things to consider when deciding whether to remain virtual or come back to in-school seating. With in-school seating starting Oct. 19, many would agree it is hard to say what to expect in the near future.