The Holiday Season of Giving

Students talk about their preference of receiving gifts or cash for the holidays.

Lola Pinneo, Source Editor

Whether it’s Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa, or the many holidays during the winter season that involve giving and receiving gifts. The question then becomes, what kind of gift is best?


Senior Olivia Rosati reflects on her favorite gifts to receive for Christmas each year. 


“I prefer gifts, [because] if I do receive money it goes right into my savings account or my Starbucks account,” Rosati said.. “But if I receive a gift then everytime I see it, I think of that person.”


Meanwhile junior Brandon Nguyen has a different opinion then Rosati. 


“Regarding gifts, it really depends but most of the time I would rather have cash,” Nguyen said. “I really like gifts that have utility, so most of the time I’d rather buy my own stuff. I appreciate any gift though.” 


Many can relate to wanting to get the most use and practicality out of a gift so they can appreciate it to the best of their ability. 


Though, holiday season is not always about gifts. Many people have found memories of time spent with their family.  Junior Maddie Markiewicz has a memory surrounding the holiday season.  


“One of my favorite memories is playing white elephant at a family Christmas party and receiving a gift that entailed just an old banana taped to the box,” Markiewicz said.  “It was meant to be the art piece with a banana taped to a wall.”  


All the games and gift buying can sometimes get overwhelming, so some may need to take a step back and look at the importance of the season and what makes it special, like Nguyen. 


“Around Christmas, I look forward to being able to take a break from work and also being around family since it’s kind of rare everyone is at home.”


Though COVID-19 has placed restrictions, so many of us will not be able to spend time with some of our family, or have the “traditional Christmas” or whatever holiday you celebrate may be, I think that most can agree that during this holiday season it’s not always about the gift or if we are even fortunate to receive anything.


 It’s about giving to others, which is something the world really needs right now.