Bachelor Nation

A show filmed in a time like no other with drama like no other

The Bachelor, a popular reality dating show, is currently on its 25th season. Many could say this season is like no other for two reasons; one being Matt James is the first African American bachelor, and two, that the show has continued in the midst of a pandemic.

Many might ask how this reality show is still taking place during a pandemic. As the host, Chris Harrison would say, it is not easy, but with a little out-of-the-box thinking, the show has managed two seasons!

The show usually takes the cast on many outrageous and fun adventures but during the pandemic, the show had to make sure all of the adventures were safe and without travel.
Senior Olivia Rosati describes this process.

“In previous seasons the contestants would go on elaborate trips or travel back to their hometowns or even go to restaurants for dates. However this year everything stays in the hotel,” Rosati said.

All the contestants had to be tested and quarantined prior to arriving at the show. It looked very similar to what many people are doing at home, getting tested and then waiting for the results. If the results came back negative, the contestants were able to travel to the remote location of filming where they would be staying for the next few weeks without any contact to the outside world. Keeping out of contact with friends and family is one of the biggest setbacks to the show as the contestants must be completely in the Bachelor process. The show touches on big topics and little ones, asking everyone to be as transparent and genuine as they can be.

Putting it all out there for everyone watching can be hard and takes the contestants time to open up. That’s why the show has something called one-on-ones. When contestants go on these one-on-ones, they spend the day with the person on a fun activity, like going skydiving or riding around on atvs. Usually it’s something fun for their first date, and then the night portion comes. The dinner date scene proves to be the most emotional part of the day because they are asked to open up and talk about their lives.

Unlike the heartfelt portions of each episode, one of the biggest reasons why the show is so popular is because it keeps the drama going.

Senior Lily Renke discusses her favorite part about The Bachelor.

“I enjoy watching the show because of all the drama,” Renke said. “I think the show did a good job filming during the pandemic because they had everyone self isolate for 2 weeks then they all got tested and they’re only in contact with each other on the premises”.

The Bachelor, like many shows, had to film with the storyline of social distancing and mask wearing in account. Some shows like Grey’s Anatomy even wrote the virus into the plot.

Compared to those other shows, Rosati speaks about her experiences watching this season.

“I absolutely love the show, I watch it with my mom and we yell at the TV if the girl we got to stay and the girl we like gets sent home,” she said. “The show is just as good even with them not being able to leave the resort”

It wouldn’t be the Bachelor if the rose ceremony wasn’t mentioned. Speaking for the Troy High students we give this show a rose.