Environmental Activists Club

The EA Club works to create a better environment despite COVID changes

Katelyn Peaslee, Staff Reporter

The Environmental Activist (EA) club focuses on trying to help the environment through mediums such as volunteer work and community organizations. Even with the COVID-19 virus, the EA club is finding ways to help our ecosystems.

Senior AJ Joseph states why people should join the EA club.

“One reason to join is if you’re interested in the environment and just want to make some friends,” Joseph said.

Many people join for those exact reasons. Students join the club by emailing the club advisor, Rob Zynda, at [email protected], or getting into contact with any of the club members. With in-person meetings limited, the club has temporarily moved their meetings to be once a month, but still plan to help the environment and hang out, just like they did in-person.

While the COVID-19 virus has limited options for club activities, the EA club is still finding ways to give back to the community. Currently, the EA club is working with Treeplenish, an organization dedicated to creating more sustainable schools.

Senior Katherine Ni, EA club president, states what Treeplenish is and what EA Club is doing in response.

“[Our goal is] to plant trees to make up for the amount of paper that… was used in Troy High during a full academic course, that was in-person,” Ni said.

At this time, the EA club is finding homes for Red Maple and River Birch trees. When the club is not volunteering, they are educating their members on ways to help the environment. Joining the Environmental Activists club can be a great way to learn about the environment and how to help, while making friends and chilling out along the way. The EA club strives to aid their members in their quest for a better environment.