A Starry Night

Sending Stars Over Every Attendee

Bridgette Scott, Social Media Editor

Although it’s been a different and difficult time for many, despite all of that French Club has been able to stay connected. The French club has done many amazing things this year. Some examples include a virtual painting party where they discuss French art and paint it as well.


Even though French club has had obstacles Officer Sissie Liang discusses how they overcame those.


“In past years, our activities have been pretty hands-on, but we’ve adapted them to current circumstances,” Liang said. “For example, instead of doing in-person group scavenger hunts, we’ve created a scavenger hunt that each student can do within their own homes yet still earn points as a group. Additionally, we’ve had many bonus point opportunities that allow for members to partake in French traditions while following Covid-19 guidelines.”


Also excited about the scavenger hunt, junior Joy Vijay, member of the French Club, talks about the festivities.


“Currently, we are planning on our combined Valentine’s Day and La Chandeleur meeting, which will include a scavenger hunt,” Vijay said. “I like being able to do fun activities like baking French pastries and recreating French artwork. French club involves meetings about different aspects of French culture and corresponding activities to explore it. We have turned all the activities virtual to make it safe. We are more heavily focused on activities people can do on their own time and submit to us.”


Many participants in the club would like to see The Starry Night in person one day and get to travel to the country to put their skills to the test. Some are just as passionate about traveling as they are the club.


Vijay discusses her interests in the future.


“French club is important to me because of my ambitions of going to France in the future. Learning about French culture is important to my future,” Vijay said.


French club is excited to take on new challenges for the rest of the year.