The Covid College Experience

How COVID-19 has changed how our seniors will experience their freshman year of college.

October Marquez, Staff Reporter

   The college experience has changed for many since the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world. Many students used to wake up and get ready for class, but COVID-19 has changed the rules for everyone, and many freshmen in college will have it rough after having looked forward to it for most of their lives. 

   Most colleges have decided to open dorms for college students coming in person, which has many advantages. 

   “Michigan State University is looking forward to a more typical fall semester with 85% of undergraduate classes having an in-person component,” the Michigan State University website said. “…We will offer a residence hall experience to first-year students and as many other students as possible while still providing a safe living space.”

   Senior Shivani Anandhasenthil names a couple.

   “I plan on living in a dorm because I can make new friends, get involved in student activities, and experience college in a way no one ever has before during COVID, ” Shivani said. 


   Working with  hybrid-learning during college classes might be hard for a lot of students, specifically freshmen who will be brand new to the college experience. While many seniors adjust to their new environment next year, they will continue to pursue their degrees as they would before COVID-19.


   “My college is going to be hybrid, but I want to do an in-person curriculum because I can interact more with my peers and learn more efficiently while also creating networking opportunities for me to use in the future,” Shivani said.

   Making new friends at college has always been an expected challenge in the new environment, especially finding people to share a dorm with. Senior Elizabeth Robb explains her plans.

   I’m looking forward to being able to live in a dorm with a person I’ve never met before,” Robb said. “My college is having us sign up to this website that’s kind of like a dating website but for finding college friends.”


   Robb reflects on the last year of hybrid learning, and looks forward to the future.


   “I think covid this past school year has been difficult for most kids, I’ve personally been ok with the situation, but I can understand why others aren’t,” Robb said. “I think whether [college classes are] online or not I don’t really feel it will change the experience of going to college too much, I won’t meet the class that’s online but I’ll have the other kids in-seat.”