A New Look and Feel

After a busy summer, a new space waits to read and learn.

Matthew Grabowski, Staff reporter


Over this past summer,  the librarians and construction workers worked hard on  revamping Troy High School’s  media center. The media center was in dire need of revamp,  and is now looking better than  ever for the new school year.  The shiny and modern media  center makes the school feel  new, chic and calm.  

The new media center affects many people here at Troy  High School. The Chariot was  able to interview people who  are linked to the library and  have had major changes to  their day-to-day lives at Troy  High.  

Toni Isaac, Troy High’s Media Specialist, had a varying  but overall positive reaction to  the new changes in the space.  

“All things considered, I  think it went very smoothly,”  Isaac said, “I was really hoping  I’d be able to move into the library two weeks before school  started, but because of supply  issues and staffing issues they  were a little bit behind schedule so I was not able to move in  until about a week after school  started.” 

While the new media center ultimately had a beneficial  impact, Isaac said some things  weren’t good news. 

“It’s been a lot of extra  work. We just today unpacked  the last of the boxes that the  books were in,” she said,  “We’re a little bit tight on shelf  space because I did lose a lot of  my shelving with the renovation. I had to eliminate 6000  books from the collection in  order to make them all fit.” 

The new media center also  affects the students at Troy  High as well. Senior Julianne  Pabalan, is a student assistant  at the library. She provided  her input on the media center’s renovation. 

“The library is a lot nicer, and gives me a lot more  space to study, and just do my  job,” she said. 

Pabalan also discussed  what other students had in  store for them in the media  center. 

“The students are able to  check out any book available,  and they are also able to study  and chill out in here before  and after school,” she said. 

With the new media center  renovation, teachers also have  a new space to teach students.  This is especially exciting to  the English department. When  asked about teaching in the  media center, English teacher  Suria Ali-Ahmed said, 

 “For me, I love the library,  so I always love teaching there,  even before the renovation,  and I will continue to do that.”  

Ali-Ahmed also talked about  the new layout. 

“I think they’re still in the  process of organizing all of the  books, I don’t think the books  are there yet, I think they’re  still in the process of putting  things together, but she did a  really good job of telling every one where everything is, and  doing orientation.” 

Ali-Ahmed also discussed  her thoughts on the changes  to the media center’s appear

“The spacing, and the physical layout feel a lot more inviting and homey, and I think  it attracts kids to want to go  there and when there’s books,  they’re more likely to pick  something off the shelf and  read it, because it’s a really  nice and peaceful space.” 

After a summer filled with  renovation, the media center  at Troy High has turned from  an outdated, uncomfortable  and bland space to a colorful,  welcoming and open one. This  crucial space within Troy High  is now a place that people can  study, read and learn.