Troy High Survival Guide

A guide to surviving a year at Troy High

Madeline Hiser, Social Media Editor

High school is a roller coaster of a million emotions, with drama, mishaps and time to make some of the best memories of a person’s  life. But having fun in highschool can be harder than the movies make it out to be. Surviving highschool is different for everyone, but these general tips and tricks could help students stay on track to having good grades, surviving and thriving here at Troy High.

Junior Sofia Johansson tells us about how she gets through a tough day here at Troy High:

“You have to be yourself and people can think what they wanna think, but you know you’re true to yourself,” Johansson stated when asked about how she keeps decent grades in such a busy time, along with balancing out sports. 

When asked how she makes sure her schoolwork and grades are up to date, Johansson said, 

“I use sports as motivation to keep my grades up.” 

Because of the rules with sports at Troy High, if a student’s grades get too low they could possibly be kicked off of the team they are playing for.

Junior Leah Ostrowski says that students can learn a lot about this school very quickly,

“It only takes a couple of days to figure out the layout of the school.” 

Finding their way around the school is arguably one of the scarier parts of arriving at Troy High for new students, along with finding the best routes, and getting involved with things like sports and clubs. 

“Join clubs and sports to make more friends, and don’t be afraid to ask for help!”Ostrowski adds.

Everyone has a different definition of surviving high school, whether it be barely passing, having a lot of fun or hating it or just going along with it, everyone finds their own way to thrive here at Troy High.