Homecoming Fashion Guidebook

Student trends change to reflect current trends and event requirements.

Ellen Seo, Staff Reporter

Two years have passed since the last homecoming dance in 2019 as COVID-19 forced both Troy High students and the homecoming dance into quarantine last year. Students who didn’t have any homecoming dance experience were confused on what dress they should pick.

Before considering the fashion trends, students needed to be aware of regulations on dresses. Student government president, Alexander Matthews explains,

“At the homecoming dance, no heels would be allowed in, but also you can’t go barefoot.” Matthews said, “You have to bring flats of any kind, converse, sandals, whatever works. But we also want people to bring jackets in case it’s cold because it will be outside.”

He also added that these regulations could be changed next year since they were implemented due to holding the dance outside.

Senior Ariel Perkowski shares her advice on the homecoming matter as she replies,

“For the girls, don’t wear heels. Bring extra shoes.”

Now to the most important element: the dress.

Freshman Daniel Lee said it should be “…something that suits you.”

Furthermore, he suggested that getting other people’s opinions on what you should wear is a good idea.

Homecoming dresses can either be semi-formal or casual. Usually, the length is over the knee, but students could also wear long dresses if they chose to. The colors vary from black to vivid yellow.

This year, there were a number of students who preferred dresses with stripes, flowers, or other unique patterns over simple party dresses. Some wore dresses with a short front and a long back.

There was no right or wrong homecoming dress if students respected the regulations and brought extra shoes. Many students even incorporated their coats into their look, which was brought due to the chillier weather.

Overall, it is important to remember, the best dress is the one that makes you shine, not the one that follows the fashion trend.