Freakishly Fun Fall Activities

Students share their favorite activities to partake in during the fall season.

As the seasons begin to shift, many people get excited for fall to begin. The fall season brings lots of exciting events. Michigan has a lot to offer when it comes to fall– people visit all of the apple orchards our state has to offer. Along with this, Michiganders love pumpkin season and decorating for the one and only Halloween.

Considering that there are four seasons in the year and Michigan lets its residents experience each one to its full extent, it is reasonable to wonder if Troy High students prefer one over the other. 

When surveyed, 54% of students at Troy High said that fall was their favorite season. This is in comparison to the 27.3% that enjoy spring and the 18.2% that prefer winter. No one in the survey mentioned their love for summer. 

“Fall is one of my favorite seasons because of the colors of the trees and how pretty everything looks.” she said, “During fall, my family and friends visit the cider mill to get cinnamon donuts and pumpkins for carving.” 


Sophomore Laney Marbutt has her own favorite season that she enjoys, along with the activities that it brings. 


Michigan has lots to offer, including the many different haunted houses that are available. It’s common for people to get very excited about these events and frequent them often.


Senior Alexa Warburton likes to continue her fall traditions with her relatives. 


 ”I like going apple picking with my family, it’s something we’ve done for a while.”


 One fall holiday that is enjoyed among people of all ages is Halloween. People can partake in many activities such as trick or treating, or having a classic Halloween movie marathon. 


Junior Audrey Konitsney has many fun Halloween memories, they share their favorite ways to celebrate the change of the seasons. 


“I like spending Halloween with my friends. Every year we get a bunch of candy and watch scary movies and it is a really fun night.” 


 The autumn season is full of opportunities for fun around the Troy community.