A look into the school year of 2021.

Hannah Lee, Staff Reporter

March 2020, a month  that turned the world upside down. Eighteen months later, Troy High is back to normal with precautions. Last year was very different because of the hybrid schooling system that was used as the first step in going back to a somewhat normal life. During hybrid learning, school ended before lunch, now school ends at the usual time of 2:10 p.m.

Masks had to be mandated along with some social distancing rules. This is to reduce the contact with people who do have COVID-19. Although school is back to ”normal”, getting the virus, even with a vaccine, is still a possible risk.

Thus, masks must be mandated. Mask-wearing has been a large debate this past year with some people believing they are not necessary and some believing they are crucial.

However, the CDC said, “  ….use of face coverings on board was associated with a  70% reduced risk.”

In a tightly packed and in closed palace, like the stairs,  spread could be at higher risk  than an empty hallway. Keeping masks on, and wearing  them properly, can protect  family members and most importantly, yourself. To avoid  and decrease the risk of get ting the virus, wearing the  mask over the nose at all times  (unless necessary) can keep  everyone safe. 

 Principle Remo Ron cone said, “…the vast majority of our community did not  complain about the mandate…  we are in a good place with it  at the moment.”

Masks have been a crucial  part of the pandemic and have  proved necessary. Although  masks are not the most ideal thing to wear for 6+ hours,  most students are wearing the  masks the way they are sup posed to be worn.

However, there are some students who wear masks in correctly and at times, don’t  wear one at all. It’s the same  students who are wearing it  under the nose. It really is not  difficult to wear masks above  the nose.

Most are uncomfortable  but staying safe should be the  priority instead of the comfort  associated with keeping it below the nose. If face coverings  are worn below the nose, the  purpose of it is defeated. Water droplets can travel into  noses and mouths so if one of  the two individuals involved  is not covered, the virus will  still be able to travel. Moving masks above the nose can  make all the difference. It re ally isn’t hard to keep it on,  especially in the indoor setting  of the school. Some people are  at more risk than others, and  being considerate of the people who are can be shown by  wearing the masks correctly.  Being responsible for making someone sick, especially  someone at a greater risk, will  result in guilt. 

Since there is a possibility  of returning back to virtual  school, which was most of last  year, keeping masks on and  wearing them properly will  decrease that chance. Masks  are what allow us to be in a  school setting. If masks are  being worn improperly, this  allows the virus to spread and  increases the chance of school  getting shut down. Virtual  school has shown the impacts  as it offers no real connection  with teachers and peers. The  separation of learning through  a screen has shown detrimental impact on most students.  

Sophomore Luisa Castro  said, “Virtual school was re ally difficult and took a toll on  me mentally and physically  too,”  

Luisa speaks for the majority of the people about feelings toward virtual school. It  is very hard to work when the  comfort of a bed is sitting right  next to you.  

“Motivation was lost and it  became harder to do school,”  she said.  

To prevent loss of motivation, staying in a school set ting is very important to some  people to stay on top of things.  There is a reason school is in a  building where everyone gathers and not done individually  over a zoom call.  

 The importance of masks  was shown greatly over the  last year. Cases in Michigan  haven’t gone down for a reason. The reason being is that  masks are not being worn correctly and in some places not  mandatory at all.  

According to Beaumont  hospital doctor, Matthew  Sims, there’s “no reason to  take the risk of making this  optional.”  

An indoor setting with people not wearing masks will  produce a hotspot that makes  the spread of the virus more  quick and effective. Life before  masks won’t be back anytime  soon. Obviously, this goal is  far from reach since there are  high cases of COVID-19 even  with a vaccine. If there is constantly an issue of not wearing masks, how much longer will  it take? It has already been  a year and a half. People are  ready to return to a life without having to worry about being sick. This pandemic stole  the time of many people and it  is time to return back.