Sneaker Culture at Troy High

Students and teachers discuss their thoughts on sneaker culture

A lot of people at Troy High would consider themselves sneaker enthusiasts, better known by their common name of sneakerheads. Most would consider their beginnings to start around the 1980s with the introduction of Hip hop, and of course with the release of Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan sneaker line. Ever since, sneaker culture has woven into many parts of society and a lot of outfits. Students at Troy high and teenagers all over the world have played a large role in bringing sneakers to their current position in pop culture.  Sophomore Gaurav Vasudevan told us what he thinks about sneakers.

“I think sneakers have more purposes than wearing, because you can show off the way they look. Each shoe has a unique design, and that can help make you and your outfit look more unique.”

Vasudevan also spoke on the improvement and change of sneakers over the years.

“Sneakers have improved a lot. Looking back at the older sneakers and seeing the new sneakers. The sneakers look different. They changed colors, different designers which means new designs, like when you look back at older Nike Jordans, they look way different than new Jordans today.”

Valerie Valentino, an English teacher at Troy High, gave her opinion on the realism of sneaker culture, saying that “popular figures could make certain shoes more interesting or desirable.”

When asked what she could see blocking people from entering sneaker culture, she said that money and access to shoes is a barrier that is possibly pretty common

Sophomore Annalies Bergman talked to the Chariot about sneaker culture.

When asked about the change of sneakers over recent years, she thinks it’s become a lot like a bigger deal to get trendy shoes and have expensive things. She also brought up the point that with clothing and shoes becoming increasingly unique and ever-changing, more people want better and more expensive shoes.

 Bergman Said that she got into sneakers through her brother as well as stock X and Goat, where you can buy  expensive sneakers online.

There is no doubt the prevalence of sneakers has skyrocketed with not just the new and younger generation of enthusiasts but with the rise of the internet as well. Companies like the Detroit-based StockX are now some of the most popular places to purchase sneakers. With the current growing generation growing up fast and technology skyrocketing to new heights yearly, the future of sneaker culture looks to be shining bright.