Troy High Parking Police

A insiders look at the troy high parking police instagram


Recently, a new Instagram account called ‘Troy High Parking Police’ was created. On this account, they post about the questionable parking jobs at the school. 

 Their bio states ‘stay in the lines or receive da fines’. It’s possible that the fine you would receive is being posted on their instagram account for all their followers to see.

The account has continued to gain popularity and followers as they post more and more.  

“Over the course of a few weeks, we have amassed a large following, which currently makes up over a quarter of Troy High’s student population with 744 followers,” the Parking Police said.

The admin of the ‘Troy High Parking Police’ Instagram is currently unknown, in an interview they stated that they wished to continue to stay anonymous. 

The Troy High Parking Police instagram account has managed to create a comedic environment for students to simultaneously bond and expose the parking errors of their peers. 

“Our parking account has brought together so many individuals from Troy High. In the comment sections of our posts, everyone from underclassmen to members of THS’s senior classes can be found absolutely obliterating the students whose parking jobs we post about. One student who is a frequent perpetrator on the parking police is senior RJ Brar. RJ is a great sport about it, and Troy High students love to join together for a good old laugh about his inability to park correctly.”

Brar has also shared his opinions about the Troy High Parking Police instagram account.  

“I feel like it’s a very funny account, the captions are very funny.”

The Troy High Parking Police has also brought up a concern that’s been on their mind and the minds of many other students. Their concern has to do with the parking situation in the student parking lot and the visitors at Troy High. 

“Beyond sharing funny paparazzi-esque photos of students in the parking lot, our parking police account also highlights the evils of the parents in the student parking lot. PARENTS SHOULD NOT COME IN HERE. There are two perfectly functional drop off and pick up loops. The parents make the parking lot very unsafe and chaotic, and the student body has joined together in aims of ending this reckless behavior. Followers of our account have been inspired to reach out to administrators and to make sure that their own parents are following the rules! We’ve seen some positive change, but more can always be made.” says the Parking Police. 

The Parking Police Instagram account is a safe(ish) place for students to expose their classmates’ parking abilities, and joke about their concerns with the parking environment. 

Many students, and the parking police acknowledge that the account is just for fun, and only intend to create awareness in the Troy High parking community.

The Parking Police states, “Learning to drive is hard, so our account is just here to poke fun at that. There’s never a bad intention. Kids love to send in pictures of their friends, and take to the comments to defend themselves when caught on camera.”