Best Friends Separated

Graduating seniors talk about how they feel about being separated from their close friends.


Photo provided by Sarah Pecis.

Nidhi Kuchulakanti and Urvi Patil, Body Copy Editor and Staff Reporter

As the year starts coming to an end for the class of 2022, many close friends are going in separate paths. According to the survey sent out to the Troy High seniors, 65% of seniors will be separated from their best friend next year, 22% will not be, and 13% are unsure. 

For the friends that will be separated from each other next year, a lot of them expressed the fact that they are not too worried about being far apart because they know that they will still remain close. 

Senior Joy Vijay,  who is going to Central Michigan University, talked about Sarah Pecis, who is going to Michigan State University. Knowing their friend since sophomore year of high school, they said, 

We’ll only be a couple of hours away but it feels like a lot more,” said Vijay.  “I’m looking forward to college but it’s sad that we won’t be able to room together or go to the same classes.”

Alexa Michalec, who is attending Michigan State University, talked about their friend, Jose Manzanares, who is attending Oakland University. 

“We’re about 2 hours away, it’s really sad but I’m happy it’s not further.”

Furthermore, the people who are staying at home in Michigan are much more easily able to keep in touch with their friends.

Although some people will be two-thousand miles away and others will only be ten miles away from their best friends, nearly all seniors said that they hope to stay close with each other. 

When adolescents start to enter a new chapter in their lives, they experience a lot of good things but there are also many struggles they come to face. After reaching the end of high school, it can be very difficult to keep friendships intact due to losing the sense of community when people go into the real world. Upon turning 18, individuals are expected to make many decisions and “be more adult”, but there is also a great emotional factor to deal with when they turn into adults. Having to part with their current friendships and continue to move on is an extremely emotional experience for many young adults. 

The closure of this school year is quite sentimental to all Troy High seniors. Many seniors have met their best friends in this very school- either through extracurricular clubs, sports, classes, etc. Along with all the memories people have made with their friends in Troy High, many close connections were established during their four years of high school.

Moving away from a best friend is a very hard thing to experience when you transition from high school to college. Regardless of whether they have known each other for all seventeen years of their life or just met them this year, many close memories were made, and it is going to be difficult to be separated from that.