Madam President

Sarayu Bethamcherla explains how student government has improved her high school experience


Ainsley Giorio, Staff Reporter

Four years of high school, four years meant to prepare you for your future. High school is a time full of self discovery where many begin to realize what’s important to them: finding out what they want to do with their lives, their passions, and developing skills that will help them forever. 

Sarayu Bethamcherla is an incredible example of someone who has proactively built herself up through high school to be successful in her future. 

Sarayu is Troy High’s student government president. When asked about her high school experience, Sarayu said, 

“I’m really grateful for the experiences and the people that I’ve been privileged enough to meet and work with through the course of my high school career.” Bethamcherla said. “Student government has played a big role in shaping who I am and helping me figure out what I want to do with my life. I’ve always known service was something I wanted to pursue in a future career, so I’m glad I was able to have the building blocks here in high school. It set me on a good path for the rest of my life.”

Sarayu has accomplished far more than just being Troy High’s student government president. Through her accomplishments Sarayu has not only defined herself, but helped build up our community. As young people continue to push boundaries and make advancements in society we see our generation beginning to be defined. 

When asked what accomplishments she was most proud of, Sarayu said, 

“I’m proud of serving as the board delegate president for MASC/MAHS: The Michigan Associations of Student Councils and Honor Societies.” Bethamcherla said. “I served as the statewide student council president, I’ve gotten to work with student councils across the state, I’ve gotten to host regional and statewide conferences for student leaders. It’s been a super fulfilling and meaningful experience to me to get to connect with so many people and write my own curriculum and design activity sets. Really just working to further what student leadership means in our state.” 

Sarayu is planning the next step in her journey taking her high school experiences with her to Columbia University. She is planning to study policy and human rights, and eventually go to law school, setting her up to be a civil and human rights attorney. 

Joining student government and becoming an incredibly involved member, has helped Sarayu outline a clear path for her future.