Ranking Celsius Flavors!

Michelle Baik ranks Celsius flavors.


Over the past month  I have tried a couple of new Celsius flavors. Overall, I really enjoyed the Celsius drinks and the flavors are much better than other energy drinks. I’m going to rank all of the flavors that I have tried from worst to best. Also a small disclaimer, there has been recent news that Celsius is not good for your body. A TikToker, named Errante, filmed a TikTok where he shares that he was drinking a Celsius before every workout over the last two years. Then, the TikTok cuts to a picture of Errante at a hospital with electrocardiogram cables strapped to his chest. He shows how drinking a Celsius too often left very negative effects on his body. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that energy drinks can have a harmful effect on the nervous system.  So if you currently drink Celsius or plan to, it would be wise to consider their possible effects and not drink them too often. The Celsius cans can be recycled, so please do! 

  1. Sparkling Orange:

A friend of mine highly recommended this flavor to me, so I decided to give it a try. Personally, I thought that it was just alright, and nothing special. Orange is generally not my favorite flavor, so that was part of the reason why I didn’t love this drink. 

  1. Sparkling Wild Berry:

 I’m not much of a berry fan, so this one wasn’t really for me. Even in a variety of fruit snack mixes, I don’t gravitate towards the berry flavors (like strawberry and blueberry) but rather flavors like mango and peach. But if you like berry flavors, then I highly recommend it!

  1. Sparkling Watermelon: 

I love watermelon flavors, but this one has a little strange aftertaste so this isn’t my favorite. In all of the other drinks, I didn’t really notice an aftertaste. But strangely for this flavor, there was a distinct aftertaste which ruined the drink for me. However, a friend who tried this flavor said that she didn’t really taste the aftertaste, so it might just be me!

  1. Sparkling Strawberry Guava:

 This isn’t a very well-known flavor, but honestly, it’s not bad! I wasn’t really expecting it to be good because I hadn’t heard much about it, but I honestly really enjoyed it. Guava is not a flavor that I normally see in stores, so I was a little nervous to try it. The drink has a stronger guava flavor that I surprisingly liked a lot. Guava is very sweet and honestly, it tastes like candy to me. I think that this is an underrated flavor.  It tastes really similar to the Kiwi Guava flavor.

  1. ​Tropical Vibe:

 I usually don’t like pineapple and tropical flavors, but this drink was very refreshing and perfect for the summer. But, I wouldn’t drink it year round, so this drink sits at fifth place. If you enjoy pineapple and starfruit, I highly recommend it! 

  1. Sparkling Kiwi Guava:

 This is the best guava flavor. This drink tastes like candy to me and it reminds me of a chinese guava candy that my sister would bring home for me. The candy is in a green packaging and if you search up ‘guava hard candy’ it should pop up. I highly recommend that you snag a bag and try them! Also, the black can lid makes the drink look more aesthetic and tasty in my opinion, because it is very unique and new. 

  1. Raspberry Acai Green Tea: 

It’s a nice switch from the traditional carbonated flavors, which I really enjoyed! This drink reminds me of the strawberry acai drink from Starbucks. If you like that drink from Starbucks, I really think that you would like this one. 

  1. Peach Mango Green Tea:

Even though I really enjoyed both tea flavors, I ranked the peach mango green tea flavor above the raspberry acai green tea flavor because I simply personally prefer the peach mango flavor over the raspberry acai flavor. I always gravitate towards mango flavors, like the Arizona mango tea, more than raspberry acai flavors. However, I truly highly recommend that you go out and try both for yourself!

  1. Peach Vibe:

 I love everything peach, so this one was sure to be a favorite of mine. I’m also pretty sure that this is a very popular flavor, and it’s not without reason. The white peach flavor is the perfect, sweet peachy flavor. I love this one. The Peach Vibe flavor is also tied to a very important memory for me because the first time I drank this flavor was right before my state final match for tennis. I had just finished a three hour match and I had thirty minutes before my final match. Since there was no time to eat a full meal and digest it, I settled for a Celsius and some cucumbers. This flavor really cheered me up and kept me pumped up for my last match of the season. 

These are all of the flavors of Celsius that I have tried so far, ranked. I truly recommend all of these flavors because none of them were absolutely terrible. Since all of these drinks weren’t nasty, I think that it just depends on your personal preference in which ones you drink. If you have any other flavors that you recommend that I haven’t tried, let me know! And if you disagree with my ranking, too bad!