Doing Good For Others And Yourself

Local volunteer opportunities teenagers can participate in.


October Marquez, Staff Reporter

During the school year, many students have full schedules. Between homework, studying for upcoming tests and hanging out with friends, it’s easy to see how schedules become so hectic. During the summer, however, students have more free time to do activities which they didn’t have time for during the school year. Volunteering locally is an opportunity to hang out with friends, but, more importantly, to help the community. Here are some places teenagers can volunteer to help out in the local community!

1. Habitat For Humanity: Habitat for Humanity is a charity that works to make housing more affordable for lower income families. The houses are constructed by volunteers and sold to families in need. Volunteers under 18 are not allowed to work on general construction, but, with a parent, they can help with landscaping and painting. This website links you to local sign ups in Oakland County for Habitat for Humanity.

2. Red Cross: The Red Cross is an international humanitarian organization that helps people in disastrous situations. Students can sign up for many opportunities involving Red Cross such as fundraisers, cleaning Emergency Response Vehicles, working with veterans and teaching first aid or CPR in the local community. You can learn more about these opportunities here.

3. Meals on Wheels: Meals on Wheels is a great opportunity for volunteers to drive meals to senior citizens, provided they have a driver’s license. There are opportunities in Troy, Bloomfield Township and other nearby locations. You can learn more about the cause and volunteering on their website.

4. Dinosaur Hill: Dinosaur Hill is a nature preserve in Rochester Hills.  Teenagers can volunteer by going to this page and emailing the contact listed for various volunteer opportunities such as maintaining the trails and taking care of animals.

There are many other ways to get involved and help the community, including charity walks or runs, volunteering at animal shelters or even just helping out a neighbor. Volunteering is not only good for the people being helped, but it also makes the volunteer feel good, since they are making a difference. Volunteering is a great opportunity for anyone of any age to make a difference in their community, or even the world.